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Writing Apps 2021-02-23 00:00

Master Writing Technique with DIY MFA

diymfa cover: How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer

Hey ProWriters. We love learning everything we can about the art of writing, and we know you do too. That's why we like to highlight exciting opportunities we find across the internet that can help you improve your craft and master writing technique.

We're super excited about the return of Gabriela Pereira's DIY MFA course next month, and wanted to share all of the details with you.

This year, Gabriela is beginning the course with a FREE training session and an AMA:

  1. Free Webinar: How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer
  2. The DIY MFA Writing Course
  3. About Gabriela Pereira
  4. Ready to Write Smarter?

Free Webinar: How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer

Join Gabriela for her free webinar, How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (Without Breaking Your Heart or Losing Your Mind) on Monday, March 1st at 1pm EST (10am PST and 6pm in the UK):

Here’s the secret about writing: survival (and also success) has nothing to do with talent or technique. It’s all about mindset and attitude. This is true whether you are just starting out or have been writing for decades. The most effective way to up your game is to understand yourself more fully, both as a writer and a human being.

In this webinar, Gabriela debunks three major myths about writing, lets you in on her secret formula for conquering goals, and walks you through a fundamental technique that will change your writing process forever. You’ll leave this session energized and inspired, but also with the tools you need so you can write more, write better, and write smarter.

There are two parts to the training: 

Part 1: How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer

Monday, March 1st @ 1pm ET

Part 2: Ask Me Anything

Tuesday, March 2nd @ 11am ET

Can't make those dates/times? No problem. Sign up and Gabriela will send you a recording.

The DIY MFA Writing Course

These webinars are part of the launch of this year's DIY MFA course. DIY MFA 101 helps you read with purpose, write with integrity and build your community. It's a fully interactive writing course that has received rave reviews and helped over 200 writers:

  • Get their words on the page so they can finish a draft once and for all.

  • Master the craft, so they can write the best book possible.

  • Understand the publishing industry, so they can get their stories out into the world.

Writers who’ve completed this course have gone on to sign with literary agents, win awards, and get published.

This 10-week program includes ten modules, full-to-the-brim with material to help writers write more, write better, and write smarter.

About Gabriela Pereira

Gabriela is the founder of one of the most popular online writing courses: DIY MFA. She earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School and teaches at conferences all over the country. She is also the host of DIY MFA Radio, a popular podcast where she teaches writing technique and interviews best-selling authors.

We think that the DIY MFA is one of the best things you can do to elevate your writing skills, so we're proud to partner with Gabriela to help her spread the word.

This blog post contains affiliate links, so if you do go on to join the DIY MFA community, ProWritingAid gets a small commission at no extra cost to you. You'll be getting access to a fabulous writing course, and helping us to grow ProWritingAid—win-win.

Ready to Write Smarter?

Sign up to the DIY MFA mailing list to access the free training events above and to find out more about the course.

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