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ProWritingAid's Monthly Write In: Join Our Writing Community

Cover reading: The Monthly Write-In, Join us on the fourth Tuesday of each month

On the fourth Tuesday of every month, we gather for the ProWritingAid Write-In. You're invited to join us as we work through short writing prompts and share together for feedback, focussing on a different area of the writing process each month. Whether you work on pieces of your ongoing writing project, or come up with new concepts and ideas for every prompt, every writer is welcome.

Hayley Milliman

Hayley is thrilled to be ProWritingAid's Content Lead and Head of Learning, as it gives her an excuse to think deeply about words every single day. Prior to joining ProWritingAid, Hayley spent a number of years as an elementary school teacher, which was a crash course in learning how to entertain an indifferent audience. These days, she puts her storytelling skills to use writing blog articles and working on her first novel.

Catch the replay of our "Show, Don't Tell" Write-In below, then keep reading to find out about our future events.

Upcoming Write-Ins

December 29: How to Create Realistic Emotions

ProWritingAid Webinar

In order for your reader to care about your characters, they have to be able to empathise with them. Crafting realistic emotions for your characters is key to creating that emotional link to your novel. Find out how to make your characters' emotions resonate in this session.

January 26: Outlining Your Novel

write in cover: Outlining Your Novel

Before you start writing, you need some kind of plan. Even if you're not the type to plan every last detail, having an idea of where your story is going will speed up the writing process and help you to make sure that every scene counts. Planners and pantsers are all welcome here!

February 23: Writing Engaging Dialogue

write in cover: Writing Engaging Dialogue

Having trouble writing convincing dialogue that keeps the plot moving while helping reveal characterization? Join us as we work through some prompts that might just help.

See you there!

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