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Blog The Writing Process Webinar Replay: Fictionary Walkthrough with CEO, Kristina Stanley

Webinar Replay: Fictionary Walkthrough with CEO, Kristina Stanley

  1. Watch the Replay: Fictionary Walkthrough with CEO, Kristina Stanley
  2. Kristina Stanley

Watch the Replay: Fictionary Walkthrough with CEO, Kristina Stanley

Editing a manuscript is a big undertaking, both intellectually and emotionally. Being thorough can be difficult and time-consuming, but the creative story editing process always pays off.

Fictionary makes editing easier by applying universal storytelling structures to every scene. In this session, Kristina Stanley, CEO and Founder of Fictionary, showed us how her groundbreaking new story editing software can help you evaluate and revise your manuscript against the 38 Story Elements professional editors look for.

Kristina Stanley

Author and Editor, and CEO of Fictionary

Combining her degree in computer mathematics with her success as a bestselling, award-winning author and fiction editor, Kristina Stanley is the creator and CEO of Fictionary - creative editing software for fiction writers and editors. Her novels include the Stone Mountain mystery series and Look the Other Way.

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Libby Bushill

Libby Bushill

ProWritingAid's Lifecycle Marketer

About Libby

Libby is ProWritingAid’s Lifecycle Marketer. When she’s not dreaming up our writing tips newsletters, she loves yoga, spending time outdoors, and trying new recipes.

Writing Experience

You’ll find Libby’s work on all things writing and grammar across the internet on writing blogs.


After studying English Literature at University, she is living her dream working with words every day.

Published Works

Libby co-edited of The University of Reading’s A Room of Our Own project.

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