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ProWritingAid Presents: Self-Editing School with JoEllen Nordström

The ProWritingAid Team
ProWritingAid: A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.
Published Nov 03, 2020

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Get Free Help from a Professional Editor at Self-Editing School

So many of you in the ProWritingAid community have been asking us to get into the nitty gritty of editing in our webinars—so we're doing just that. We reached out professional editor and founder of First Editing, JoEllen Nordström, who agreed to host a new monthly series: Self-Editing School.

We're so excited to add Self-Editing School to our monthly webinar schedule and can't wait to get started.

Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Learn how to edit your book in our brand new monthly webinar
  2. Self-Editing School
  3. JoEllen Nordström
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Learn how to edit your book in our brand new monthly webinar

We've teamed up with Story Coach and founder of First Editing JoEllen Nordström for Self-Editing School. On the third Thursday of every month, you’re invited to join us as we learn how to use self-editing to take a manuscript from a rough first draft to a polished piece ready to send to editors.

Self-Editing School

Each session of Self-Editing School helps you edit your book. You’ll learn applicable editing techniques and helpful writing skills from a professional editor and Story Coach. JoEllen will also answer your questions, so come prepared.

JoEllen Nordström

JoEllen Nordström passionately combines online editing tools, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and writing software with vetted, professional editing services to create your publishing success. As the founder of FirstEditing, JoEllen's editors have assisted over 50,000 writers and boast 400+ published authors. They are the world's first-certified Story Coach Editor company. Learn more about self-editing on her Publishing Power podcast. Besides writing, JoEllen is a digital nomad, yogi, and mamma of six!

First Editing

JoEllen’s professional editors at First Editing have assisted over 50,000 authors in just the last decade. In fact, First Editing’s services have helped writers transform into successful authors since 1994. Now they are the first company in the world certified as professional Story Coach Editors. First Editing is partnering with ProWritingAid to provide the most comprehensive online professional editing available.

JoEllen’s passion is combining AI (Artificial Intelligence), online editing tools, and high-tech writing software with her vetted, professional editors. They create the recipe for your publishing success in writing fiction novels, nonfiction books, student essays, research journals, blogging content, and business papers.

The Self-Editing School opens its (virtual) doors on December 17th 2020.

By registering for one session, you’ll be able to attend them all.

17 December 2020

How to Self-Edit Your Novel to Improve Readability

Edit your book by evaluating the 38 Story Elements necessary to a successful story. Discover how to engage your readers by correcting each of these areas and strengthening your manuscript. You will learn how to apply self-editing to your daily writing and master your craft as an author.

Register above to sign up for all upcoming sessions. You'll also receive replays for any sessions you miss, so it's worth registering even if you can't make it some weeks.

Keep reading to find out what we’ll be covering next year.

The Sessions

21 January 2021

Self-Editing Software Versus a Professional Editor: How to get the most out of both

Get help editing your book from start to finish. Editing your book demands attention to different details during your developmental phase versus your last copy edit before formatting. Learn how you can use writing software and online editing tools today - just like a professional editor! You can save time and money. Plus, discover how self-editing trains you to become a better writer.

18 February 2021

Copy Edit or Developmental Edit: What's the Difference?

Edit your book from beginning to end. Developmental editing starts with your outline. A professional story editor uses unique skills and tools when content editing versus copy editing. Learn what details are important during which stage of editing. Plus, discover which professional editing tools editors use that you can.

18 March 2021

10 Common Editing Mistakes That Authors Make (and How to Fix Them)

Get help self-editing your book by avoiding these common errors. Become a stronger writer by using the same methods and tools that professional editors use daily. Learn how to self-edit so you can develop your writing skills and craft as an author. 

A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.
Try it for free!

15 April 2021

How to Navigate the Four Stages of Editing

Learn how to edit your book throughout the story development, line revisions, copyediting, and proofreading stages. Discover the editing tools and areas of focus used by professional editors to correct and perfect your writing. Master and understand when to use these different editing levels necessary during the various phases of your writing so you become a better author.

20 May 2021

5 Principles of a Thorough Self-Editing Process

Self-edit your book with these five principles which professional editing services use daily. Learn how combining these with effective editorial techniques, online editing tools, and organizational processes helps you publish your book confidently.

17 June 2021

How to Self-Edit Faster and More Efficiently

Learn how to edit your book’s story via high-level content editing which focuses on the scenes, characters, and plot of your manuscript. Discover how to evaluate the structure and outline of your story through the 38 Story Elements, which create a strong story arc. Develop your fiction manuscript from beginning to end with free help from a professional editor.

15 July 2021

How to Perform a Sentence-Level Copy Edit Effectively

Edit your book line by line, just like a professional editor. Learn what techniques and online writing tools are essential during line and copy editing. Plus, discover essential self-editing so you can develop your writing skills and craft as an author while saving time and money on professional editing services.

19 August 2021

What is the Difference Between Editing and Proofreading?

Learn how to self-edit your book and conduct a final proofread after formatting - just like professional editing services! Discover the different levels of editing and the techniques necessary to complete each stage so you become a better author. Plus, find out how you can use writing software and online editing tools today to save time and money.

Sign up for Self-Editing School today

December Topic: How to Self-Edit Your Novel to Improve Readability

self editing school graphic. December Topic: How to Self-Edit Your Novel to Improve Readability

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