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Webinar Replay: Live Loglines Workshop: Get Personalized Feedback On YOUR Logline

  1. Webinar Replay: Live Loglines Lab with Jeff Lyons
  2. Jeff Lyons

Webinar Replay: Live Loglines Lab with Jeff Lyons

On November 19th, the ProWritingAid community were invited to join Story Development Consultant Jeff Lyons for a live loglines workshop. Loglines are an essential tool for pitching agents, editors, or film producers. Participants received professional feedback on their loglines—and we all learned a lot along the way!

Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons is a published author, screenwriter, editor, and story development consultant with more than 25 years’ experience in the film, television, and publishing industries. He has worked with literally thousands of novelists, nonfiction authors, and screenwriters helping them build and tell better stories.

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Libby Bushill

Libby Bushill

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Libby is ProWritingAid's Editorial and Marketing Assistant. When she's not editing and writing blog posts, she can be found spreading the word about ProWritingAid on social media. A recent English Lit grad and co-editor of the University of Reading's A Room of Our Own Project, she loves all things writing and editing and can't wait to work on more projects in the future.

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