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The Writer’s Bundle: An Amazing Offer Available Only from September 14–16, 2020!

The Writers Bundle

We know that a lot of ProWritingAid users are freelance writers, and we've been hearing from the community that many more of you are turning to freelance writing as a way to work remotely in this crazy year. We also know that you love a great deal, so when Alexis over at The Write Life asked if we wanted to participate in their freelance writer's bundle, we knew some of you would appreciate the offer.

  1. $2,000 of Writing Resources for $99
  2. What's Included in The Writer's Bundle?

$2,000 of Writing Resources for $99

The Writer's Bundle: Freelance Writing Edition – An Amazing Offer Available Only from September 14–16, 2020!

The Write Life is offering a crazy-good deal for NEXT WEEK ONLY: The Writer’s Bundle

They’ve bundled together 12 events, courses and tools on freelancing, novel writing, self-publishing, marketing, editing, and more. You’ll recognize most of the creators of these products, including Carol Tice, Andréa Jones, Tim Leffel, and many other experts.

And guess what! A ProWritingAid Premium licence is included with the bundle!

If you already have a monthly or annual ProWritingAid Premium subscription, purchasing the bundle will extend your license for one year from your current expiry date. 

If you already have a ProWritingAid Premium lifetime license, you are welcome to give the new license code associated with your purchase to a friend. Share the PWA love!

The 12 resources available through this year’s bundle normally retail for nearly $2,000. But through this deal, you can get your hands on ALL of them for just $99.

What's Included in The Writer's Bundle?

Here’s what you get when you download The Writer’s Bundle: Freelance Edition:

  • Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career, from Stephanie Land and Andrea Guevara (course value: $49)
  • Freelance Blogging in a Weekend, from Elna Cain (course value: $95)
  • How to Make Money Self Publishing Non Fiction, from Yuwanda Black (course value: $397)
  • Master Self-Editing, from Bryan Collins (course value: $297)
  • Breaking Into Media Q&A, from Kristin Wong and Alex Webb (event value: $99)
  • 38 Tips for Expert Writers on Medium, from Dave Schools (course value: $49)
  • ProWritingAid Premium one-year license, from ProWritingAid (editing tool value: $79)
  • Pitching 101: How Writers Find Better Client Leads, from Carol Tice (course value: $97)
  • Turn Content Into Cash, from Heather Lloyd Martin (course value: $297)
  • 30 Days to Freelance Freedom, from Craig Cannings / FreelanceU (course value: $147)
  • The Social Media Starter Kit, from Andréa Jones (course value: $297)
  • Productivity Power for Writers, from Tim Leffel (course value: $99)

Can you see why we think this is an amazing deal? Whether you're already freelancing, or whether you're just starting out in the world of writing professionally, this bundle will help you move faster and smarter.

Here's a closer look at the amazing resources included in the 2020 Writer's Bundle. Click below to find out more:

30 Days to Freelance Freedom, from Craig Cannings (Course; Retail value: $147)

This program offers a 30-day curriculum complete with tools and strategies for scaling your freelance business this year and beyond. You'll get access to 10 easy-to-follow modules, complete with more than 50 videos and practical guides, checklists and templates.

Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career, from author Stephanie Land and brand strategist Andrea Guevara (Course; Retail value: $49)

In this six-week course, you'll clarify your goals and niche, learn how to write an irresistible bio and create an online brand, and discover the insider process of pitching and editing, including industry do's and don'ts.

How Writers Find Better Client Leads & Get Hired, from Carol Tice (Course; Retail value: $97)

The focus of this course is how to find better-paying clients. You'll learn how to quickly identify solid prospects in your niche, tips for getting your emails in the right inbox and actually opened, and how to create a pitch that makes editors and clients want to say YES. 

The Social Media Starter Kit, from Andréa Jones (Course; Retail value: $297)

Sometimes social media can feel confusing, overwhelming and annoying, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The Social Media Starter Kit helps social media marketing newbies build a strategy that works for them. In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how to outline your content types, plan out your posts, analyze your progress and more.

Master Self-Editing, from Bryan Collins (Course; Retail value: $297)

If you’re ready to stop letting procrastination and self-doubt get in the way of editing and publishing your work, this course will help launch you on your journey to become a masterful writer. Knowing how to self-edit is critical for any writing career. You’ll learn how to track your writing and editing, how to improve your sentence structure and grammar, Collins’ exact process for self-editing articles and more.

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend, from Elna Cain (Course; Retail value: $95)

In this course, you’ll learn how to attract high-quality clients, understand the difference between B2B and B2C writing, and gain the confidence to replicate this process for your business and see real results.

Breaking Into Media Q&A, from Kristin Wong and Alex Webb (Event; Retail value: $99)

During this live online panel, established freelancers Kristin Wong and Alex Webb will answer your most pressing questions about what it takes to write for top publications like the New York Times, National Geographic, and the Washington Post. This is your chance to ask them anything! WIRED editor Alan Henry and writer Emma Pattee will moderate, also sharing their invaluable experience.

Productivity Power for Writers, from Tim Leffel (Course; Retail value: $99)

Productivity Power for Writers is a practical, step-by-step guide to getting more creative work done — starting now. Once you finish this transformative course, you'll have clarity on how to focus your time each week, develop positive habits that make success inevitable and meet your writing goals without working more hours.

How to Make Money Self-Publishing Non-Fiction, from Yuwanda Black (Course; Retail value: $397)

This course helps aspiring self-publishers think beyond books. Non-fiction writers will learn to think of themselves as "Infopreneurs," or publishers of pre-packaged info products, ranging from short eBooks and online courses to detailed workbooks, DVDs, and newsletters.

Turn Content Into Cash, from Heather Lloyd-Martin (Course; Retail value: $297)

This 6-week training course will teach you how to structure and run your freelance writing business – without working so darn hard. 

Copywriting experts like Bob Bly, Sean D’Souza, and Pam Foster will show you how you can write what you want, handpick your clients and enjoy a smooth business life that works around your schedule. Plus, you’ll learn how to set rates, create writing packages, successfully plan for taxes, and more.

38 Expert Tips for Writers on Medium, from Dave Schools (Course; Retail value: $59)

Learn the top tips and takeaways to be a successful writer on the Medium platform from the founding editor of a 6-year top Medium publication with over 150,000 followers. This package also comes with free access to the top-rated Udemy course "Writing Revenue: Write Well, Get Published, & Earn Money." And there's an audio version of the course, too.

1-Year Subscription of ProWritingAid Premium (Editing tool; Retail value: $79)

Premium users have no word count limits, access to all our integrations (MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Chrome, and more) as well as all 10 books in our Writing Resources Library. 

If you have been waiting for the right time to upgrade to ProWritingAid Premium, this is it.

You can find out more about this year's bundle in the video below:

The Writer's Bundle 2020: Freelance Writing Edition from The Write Life on Vimeo.

Act quickly! The bundle is only available from Monday, September 14 until Wednesday, September 16 at 11:59 p.m. EST, when it will disappear forever.

P.S. If you purchase the bundle through our link, we earn an affiliate commission… which means you’re supporting ProWritingAid's continued development and improvement. But you know we wouldn’t recommend this if it wasn’t an amazing offer!

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