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Finally Write Your Dream Book With The 100 Day Book Program

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I have an idea for a book, but I don’t even know where to start.”

Writing a book isn’t easy. It is overwhelming. I’ve been there myself. You might have even tried to write a book but only got a few thousand words written. How do you turn an idea into a whole book?

Well, what if you had a roadmap, writing lessons, a mentor, and a writing cohort to help you through? That’s exactly what the 100 Day Book Program from The Write Practice is. Here’s our review of this innovative online program.

  1. From Idea to Book
  2. What’s the Difference?
  3. Pricing and Incentive
  4. What About Editing?
  5. Who Needs This Program?

From Idea to Book

The creator of the 100 Day Book Program, Joe Bunting, started out like many writers. He had an idea but no idea how to turn it into a full book. He found a mentor to teach him the process. Now he’s tweaked the process into a guided program for writing the book you’ve been dreaming of.

The 100 Day Book Program walks you through every step through over a 100 daily lessons, workbooks, and checklists. The lessons even cover aspects like crafting characters, writing realistic dialogue, and world-building.

But this program isn’t just for fiction writers. There are resources for memoirs and nonfiction books, too.


What’s the Difference?

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just find one of the million books on how to write a novel instead?”

Well, you could. But if you’ve read those books, have you actually applied the knowledge? If you’re like so many writers, you keep reading craft books and never actually writing or finishing a book.

The 100 Day Book Program offers several additional resources to help you actually complete your book.

Book Mentor

The program matches you with an experienced, published author who has been where you are. Your book mentor checks in with you to keep you accountable. They are there for advice and motivation. They’re like your personal cheerleader and your coach all in one. You can’t get that from a craft book!

Peer Critiques

When you join the 100 Day Book Program, you’re in a community of other writers who are where you are. You can commiserate and inspire each other. But you can also find people to critique you as you go. They can help you from developmental ideas to individual scenes and everything in between. I’m a strong believer in the power of peer critiques. You’ll learn just as much from reading and offering feedback to other writers as you will from receiving feedback from them.


I’ve taken many online courses in varying subjects that are entirely self-paced. The biggest problem is that I have no deadline to complete them. Deadlines keep us accountable. The 100 Day Book Program is not self-paced. There is a spring, summer, and fall cohort each year. This ensures that you are in a community that will help you meet checkpoints and goals so that you end your 100 days with a completed draft. If you sign up between sessions, you’ll get resources to help you plan your book so you’re ready to write when the new semester begins.

Pricing and Incentive

So, you get a personal book mentor, peer critiques, deadlines, workbooks, and over 100 writing lessons. This has to be worth thousands of dollars, right?

The 100 Day Book Program’s regular price is $490. If that’s too much right now, you can also do 12 monthly payments of $49. It costs a bit more in the end, but a monthly fee makes this course more accessible.

But one of the coolest things about the program is the $100 incentive. If you meet every deadline and finish your book, you’ll get $100 back. If you don’t finish or you miss more than two weekly deadlines, you don’t get the money.

There’s also a premium package where you get office hours with Joe himself and some additional resources.

What About Editing?

If you complete the 100 Day Book Program, you’ll have a finished first draft in 100 days. Now you have to edit, and that can be just as intimidating.

The Write Practice now offers a second course that guides you through editing. It’s called the 100 Day Book Program: Draft 2. Enroll in the regular course, then you’ll get an email asking which draft you’re on. If you’re writing the second draft, they’ll send you the additional resources plus everything from the first program.

Who Needs This Program?

Honestly, I’m pretty sure this program is good for everyone. It’s not exclusive to fiction like so many programs. A book mentor and peer critiques are something every writer can benefit from. And even if you’ve written books before, but your latest idea just isn’t turning itself into a book, you’ll benefit from this program.

It’s a lot cheaper than a master’s degree in creative writing, and you’ll finish your book much faster.

If you’ve been struggling to write a book, meet self-imposed deadlines, or don’t know where to begin, this course is made for you.

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