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Upcoming Free Online Events for Writers: Learn With Us

ProWritingAid Trainings

We love offering free training, workshops, and events for writers in our community!

Each month, we host events ourselves and in collaboration with our partners, all aimed at helping you become a better writer.

We will update this article monthly with upcoming training dates so you can sign up for what interests you. Bookmark it now so that you never miss out!

NOTE: We record all sessions, so even if you can't make a certain date/time, it's still worth registering so you receive the replay!

  1. Regular Monthly Sessions
  2. ProWritingAid 101 For Business
  3. Additional Upcoming Sessions
  4. Missed a session?

Regular Monthly Sessions

We host six free monthly series for all kinds of writers.

ProWritingAid 101

ProWritingAid Webinar

Founder and CEO of ProWritingAid, Chris Banks, will walk you through the ProWritingAid web editor to help you get up and running. See how key features like the Summary Report, Real-Time Checking, and Word Explorer can help you improve your craft. The session will finish with a live Q&A.

Chris Banks is an expert on creativity and language technologies. He started ProWritingAid to help with his own writing, but he soon saw how useful it was for everyone else. Now, he wants to help more people put their ideas into words and those words into the hands (and hearts) of readers.

ProWritingAid 101 happens on the first Tuesday of every month.

Ask a Book Doctor: Subplots

ProWritingAid Webinar

On the second Tuesday of every month, the ProWritingAid community is invited to bring all their questions to our favorite Book Doctor, Sally O-J.

A book doctor works alongside the author, looking at everything from plot and characterization to writing technique, dialogue and texture. If you're wondering how to turn your manuscript from a labor of love into a bestseller, a book doctor's diagnosis might be what you're missing.

When bestselling author Sarah Waters OBE (Fingersmith, Tipping the Velvet) was just starting out, she turned to Sally for feedback, encouragement and support. Sally has worked as a book doctor with Sarah on all of her novels since.

Each webinar will be based around a topic and Sally will provide practical advice and training before opening up for questions from attendees.

Upcoming topics:

  • July 13: Subplots
  • Aug 10: Converting Your Fanfiction
  • Sept 14: Interview with Christine McKerrow

Self-Editing School July Topic: How to Perform a Sentence-Level Copy Edit Effectively

ProWritingAid Webinar

We've teamed up with Story Coach and founder of First Editing JoEllen Nordström for Self-Editing School. On the third Thursday of every month, you’re invited to join us as we learn how to use self-editing to take a manuscript from a rough first draft to a polished piece ready to send to editors.

June 22: The Monthly ProWritingAid Write-In: Converting Your Fan Fiction

ProWritingAid Webinar

Each month, we gather for the ProWritingAid Write-In. Join us as we work through short prompts and share together for feedback. The Write-In happens on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Upcoming write-ins:

  • June 22: Converting Your Fan Fiction
  • July 27: Chekhov's Gun

ProWritingAid 101 For Business

ProWritingAid Webinar

Do you use ProWritingAid at work? Then join our new webinar, ProWritingAid 101 for Business. Our Head of Client Solutions, Tom Wilde, and our B2B Digital Marketing Manager, Micah McGuire, will walk you through our Chrome extension and our most useful reports for business writers. We’ll finish with a live Q&A to answer all your questions about our editing suite.

Next session: June 23rd

Additional Upcoming Sessions

In addition to our recurring series, we are proud to host guest presenters for sessions on everything from managing your content workflow to learning how to self publish. Check them out below.

July 20, 2PM ET/7PM UK: Finding Your Ideal Reader

finding your ideal reader, 2pm ET/7pm UK

Marketing your book can feel overwhelming. You need to make decisions about your website, your social media channels, ads, how to talk about your book, and more.

But once you know the type of reader you're looking for, marketing becomes much more targeted, effective, and fun! Learn the whys and hows of creating a reader persona in this webinar from expert book marketer Sue Campbell.

July 22, 2PM ET/7PM UK: Copyright Basics Every Writer Should Know

copyright basics every writer should know, 2pm ET/7pm UK

In this session, literary Lawyer Bob Pimm will walk you through a basic introduction to copyright law, so you know where you stand.

Find out:

  • What copyright is and what is/isn’t protected by it

  • Who can claim copyright

  • What you can do if someone violates your copyright

  • … and much more!

July 29, 2PM ET/7PM UK: Bye Bye Book Deals: Hy Self-Publishing Might Be a Better Fit for You

bye bye book deals, 2pm ET/7pm UK

Hustling to find an agent, working hard on a proposal, and then waiting six, twelve, or even twenty-four months to find out if you received a book deal is inefficient and, oftentimes, heartbreaking. Self-publishing is mainstream, highly profitable when done right, and can position you as an expert in any industry. In this webinar with Julie Broad, author of Self-Publish & Succeed, you’ll learn why self-publishing might be the better choice, as well as five tips to set yourself up for success.

Missed a session?

Missed a ProWritingAid webinar?

Have a question about how to register, or is there a training session you'd like to see us do? Feel free to contact us here.

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Hayley Milliman

Hayley Milliman

Content Lead

Hayley is the Head of Learning at ProWritingAid. Prior to joining this team, Hayley spent several years as an elementary school teacher and curriculum developer in Memphis, TN. When Hayley isn't hunched over her keyboard, you can find her figure skating at the ice rink or hiking with her dog.

Looking forward to the freebies. Thank you!
By aspenlogplace on 24 February 2020, 11:36 PM
I am in Asia... your free courses come at a time when I am asleep. Any plans to record these course so can join in?
By davidwms20121 on 15 April 2020, 01:05 AM
Hi, yes. We record all the webinars and will post them here afterwards, or if you sign up then you get a link.
By chris.banks2 on 30 April 2020, 09:39 AM
I'm unable to join live, as I live in Australia. Will there be any replays? Also, can I submit a question?
By Thomas Greenbank on 15 April 2020, 01:42 AM
Many thanks for the excellent series of webinars!
By simon.s.corr on 04 May 2020, 11:11 AM
Thank you!!!!
By proofreader on 17 June 2020, 09:23 PM
You're so welcome! :)
By writersneed2 on 17 June 2020, 11:37 PM
Are the Book Doctor webinars actually at 2AM EST?
By kmboyett on 18 June 2020, 03:51 PM
Woops! The Book Doctor Webinars are actually at 2 PM EST. Thanks for pointing that out! :)
By writersneed2 on 18 June 2020, 10:14 PM
Are you doing a ProWritingAid 101 in July?
By StephenShirres on 21 June 2020, 05:30 PM
Yes! We have a ProWritingAid 101 on the second Tuesday of each month! Here's the link to register for July's:
By writersneed2 on 23 June 2020, 11:52 AM
It would be great if you made the note cards you use during the webinars as downloadable PDF’s for viewers. A lot of us would add of them into our notes. I was watching the FANTASY webinar tonight and wish I had your cards. These could be put on your landing page or on the YouTube page. Thanks. Love ProWriting Aid.
By oliver.warmflash on 24 February 2021, 05:07 AM
Hi there, thanks for commenting! We often make the slides available to attendees so long as we have permission from the folks involved in presenting the webinar. It's always worth checking in with us to see if we can provide you with those slides! Please email your inquiries to :)
By amy.cohen on 24 February 2021, 05:39 PM

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