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ProWritingTV: Learn More About Writing


Have you heard? We started a YouTube channel and it’s called ProWritingTV!

  1. Introducing… ProWritingTV!
  2. Five of Our Favorite Videos
  3. Visit the ProWritingTV YouTube Channel Now!

Introducing… ProWritingTV!

Here at ProWritingAid, our goal isn't just to create an amazing grammar checker that will help you find and fix errors in your work. We also want to help you learn from your mistakes to improve your writing and your understanding of your writing every single day. That's why we launched our YouTube channel, ProWritingTV: to give you even more ways and mediums in which you can learn about the craft of writing.

Whether you're a visual learner who prefers to watch a video than read an article or you're just looking for a more educational bingewatch topic than normal, head over to ProWritingTV now to check out our frequently updated content.

Five of Our Favorite Videos

Here are five of the videos we’ve recently added to the ProWritingTV channel.

Weak Words Series: Why should you over-rely on intensifiers like “very” in your writing?

Watch out for hidden verbs in your writing—set them free!

What is POV? And how do you choose the best POV for your story?

Are adverbs good or bad?

What is a comma splice? And how do I fix it?

Visit the ProWritingTV YouTube Channel Now!

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