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ProWritingAid is Supporting the International Literacy Association for Black Friday this Year

International Literacy Association

On November 27th and 28th, ProWritingAid will donate $5 of every purchase in our Black Friday Sale to the International Literacy Association (ILA) at no extra cost to you!

Visit on those dates for more details.

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About the ILA

Why did we decide to partner with the International Literacy Association this year? They are doing incredible work both nationally and globally to empower people to read, write, teach, and learn to their best potential.

Here's Annie Lee from the International Literacy Association to tell you more:

Just as ProWritingAid helps people achieve new heights, International Literacy Association (ILA) has elevated educators and students alike to a whole new level. Since 1956, the organization has served as a tireless advocate for literacy, inspiring industry leaders across the globe to better their communities by equipping them with a plethora of literacy and educational resources:

  • Every year, ILA brings together thousands of literacy professionals for its conference that provides endless professional development opportunities through transformative workshops, exhibitions, keynote speakers, and networking events.

  • ILA’s Standards 2017 sets forth the criteria for developing and evaluating preparation programs for literacy professionals. Developed by literacy experts across the United States, the standards focus on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for effective educational practice in a specific role and highlight contemporary research and evidence-based practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership.

  • ILA offers three different journals filled with evidence-based strategies that have been carefully simplified for a convenient read. Each journal focuses on a specific age group so as to provide educators with the most relevant content.

  • ILA’s Choices Reading Lists provide insights into children’s, young adults’, and teachers’ favorite books of the year. These selections are hand-picked by members of each demographic and reviewed by a committee of leaders to ensure the utmost accuracy.

  • The Literacy Daily blog provides weekly updates about the organization’s activities and latest research reading and writing instruction.

  • ILA’s bimonthly magazine, Literacy Today, connects members to a larger community of literacy-minded professionals to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, share innovative strategies, and keep everyone up-to-date on the hottest topics and research from the field.

  • In 2015, ILA and Little Free Library began their partnership. For one project, ILA installed a Little Free Library in its local community to promote literacy accessibility. ILA frequently stocks the miniature library with high-quality books and encourages community members to add books of their own.

International Literacy Association

ILA’s own contributions to the field combined with its pivotal role in banding together the global literacy community have produced monumental bounds in the literacy movement. Not just writers, but also readers and learners and ILA has been working nonstop to remind individuals that they will never be left behind in the classroom.

How to help

On November 27 and 28, visit to support the ILA with your purchase of ProWritingAid Premium.

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