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Accomodation or Accommodation: Which Spelling Is Correct?

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Certain words in the English language can be tricky to spell, especially words with double letters. One word that often trips people up is accommodation.

Is it one C or two? How many Ms are there? Today, we're teaching you the correct way to spell accommodation so you never forget it again.

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  1. How Do You Spell Accommodation?
  2. Examples of Accommodation Spelling
  3. Remember the Differences Between Accomodation and Accommodation

How Do You Spell Accommodation?

Accommodation is a word that refers to something that satisfies a need. It comes from the root verb "accommodate," which means to provide for something that is wanted or needed.

Some people get confused and spell the word as "accomodation," "acommodation," or "acomodation." All these spellings are incorrect.

Accommodation has both two Cs and two Ms. You should always spell it as "accommodation."

The two sets of double letters are a result of the word’s origin. It comes from a Latin root, accommodare, that means "an act of fitting or adapting." Many Latin words use double letters, and we still see that influence in many modern English words.

How Do You Spell Accommodations?

Often, accommodation refers to a place where someone resides and gets meals and other services. We usually write this in the plural form: accommodations.

Synonyms for accommodations include room and board, living quarters, lodgings, and hotels.

You also spell accommodations with two Cs and two Ms. Just add an S to the end to make the word plural.

Accomodation correct spelling

Examples of Accommodation Spelling

Let's check out some examples of accommodation in sentences:

  • This apartment is just a temporary accommodation until our home remodel is complete.
  • Our accommodation bill included several unexpected charges from the minibar and Pay-Per-View movies.
  • We booked accommodations just off the highway for our road trip.
  • Does the accommodation include food as well as living quarters?
  • The student required an accommodation for extra time on his tests due to his ADHD.
  • The conference made a schedule accommodation for the people who had late flights.
  • In the field of ophthalmology, accommodation refers to the automatic adjustment our eyes make to distance.
  • Would you prefer to stay at accommodations with an indoor pool or a place with an ocean view?
  • The accommodations we booked in Las Vegas will sleep six guests, so it's perfect for a girls' trip.

Remember the Differences Between Accomodation and Accommodation

It can be difficult to remember the correct way to spell accommodation because of the two sets of double letters. But there are a few ways to remember the differences!

You can remember that you booked two double rooms for your overnight accommodations on your vacation: two double rooms for two sets of double letters. You can also say you booked accommodation for CC and MM.

Another mnemonic to remember the correct spelling is, "two Cots need two Mattresses." This will help you remember to use both Cs and both Ms when you spell accommodation.

What other English words are hard for you to spell? Let us know in the comments below.

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