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TFW Meaning and How to Use It

TFW meaning

Abbreviations can be confusing, especially in the digital age. If you’ve seen the abbreviation TFW online or in text conversations, you might wonder what it means.

The short answer is that TFW is an abbreviation for that feeling when or that feel when. It’s used to describe a specific situation or emotion that many people find relatable.

In this article, we’ll look at all the ways people use TFW in conversation.

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What Does TFW Stand For?

TFW is a contraction for the phrase that feeling when or that feel when.

What Does TFW Mean?

We use TFW to describe a specific feeling, usually one that we hope others can relate to. This acronym can be effective at creating a feeling of connection and empathy, even between strangers.

For example, you might post a Tweet like “TFW you realize there’s no milk at home, but you’ve already poured yourself cereal.” That’s a very specific feeling that a lot of people have probably experienced before, so even if they’ve never met you, they’ll probably understand what you mean.  

You can also include an image or a GIF alongside the sentence that includes TFW to help convey the specific emotion you’re feeling. In the above example, you might choose a GIF of a sad kitten staring into an empty food bowl.  

TFW can be used in relation to a wide range of different emotions. You can use TFW in a humorous way if you’re referring to a funny situation or in a sad situation if you’re looking for empathy and connection.

Examples of How to Use TFW Abbreviation

Let’s take a look at an example where TFW is being used in a conversation between friends.

  • Friend 1: Hey, what are you doing right now?

  • Friend 2: You know TFW you’re supposed to be studying, so to procrastinate on studying, you just clean the whole house?

  • Friend 1: Kind of?

  • Friend 2: Well, I just finished two loads of laundry, and I’m halfway through deep cleaning the dishwasher...

Here’s another example:

  • Sibling 1: I’m finally reading that fantasy novel you recommended! It’s amazing.

  • Sibling 2: TFW your two favorite characters finally kiss. It’s so good.

  • Sibling 1: Wait, what? Spoilers!

  • Sibling 2: Oops. Sorry.

Remember that TFW is useful for conversations between friends, but it should be used carefully. You can use ProWritingAid’s Paraphrase Report to help reword your writing for more formal contexts.

Be confident about grammar

Check every email, essay, or story for grammar mistakes. Fix them before you press send.