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BlogThe Writing ProcessJenna Moreci Answers the Question: Is My Book Done

Jenna Moreci Answers the Question: Is My Book Done

Millie Dinsdale

Millie Dinsdale

Content Marketing Assistant at ProWritingAid

Published Sep 05, 2021

Jenna Moreci- is my book done?

Jenna Moreci is a #1 bestselling author of dark fantasy, as well as a YouTube sensation with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The Savior’s Champion, her first novel in The Savior’s Series, was voted one of the Best Books of All Time by Book Depository.

In her most recent YouTube video Jenna answered the most difficult question that a writer can face: "Is my book done?"

In it she covered the 10 signs that show your book is ready to be published.

1) You have checked everything off the exhaustive list.

2) The novel has gone through every possible stage of editing.

3) Your editor says that the book is ready (they know what they are talking about).

4) The book has been through multiple proofreads (one is never enough).

5) You cannot face reading through your book one more time.

6) More than 10 people have read the book.

7) Feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

8) You are making unnecessary excuses to avoid publication.

9) Your instinct tells you that the book is ready.

10) You have made the tough decision that it is time to publish.

You can watch Jenna's full video here:

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Millie Dinsdale

Millie Dinsdale

Content Marketing Assistant at ProWritingAid

Millie is a ProWritingAid's Content Marketing Assistant. A recent English Literature graduate she loves all things books and writing. When she isn't working, Millie enjoys gardening, re-reading books by Agatha Christie and running.

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