AI Sparks by ProWritingAid

Generate writing ideas, improve readability, and save time writing with AI Sparks.

AI Sparks in ProWritingAid

What can you do with AI Sparks?

AI Sparks has two main options: edit or continue.

AI Sparks Edit

Use Sparks Edit to save time searching for the right words.

It can quickly rewrite your text, improve readability, add sensory details, summarize, expand from notes, make first or third person point of view, and more.

AI Sparks edit in action
Product image showing Continue Writing feature

AI Sparks Continue

Use Sparks Continue to find writing inspiration by experimenting with different ways to continue your story.

It can create new lines of dialogue, add an interesting analogy, formulate a counterargument, and more.

How to use AI Sparks

Sparks square

Highlight your text

Highlight up to 2,500 words.

Spark edit options square

Select a Spark

Pick from 20+ options. You can summarize, improve readability, add dialogue, and more.

Sparks edit readability square

Review the suggestion

You can copy it, replace your original text with it, or click “try again” to get a new one.

AI Sparks helps our users write better, faster

Amazing. The ProWritingAid Team has done it again. You are making it easier for us writers all the time. [...] I am surprised about the quality of the suggestions. I like it a lot.

Very cool and the sensory option is really useful. I struggle with writing descriptions the most, so I will absolutely use this!

I had a hard-to-read paragraph, so I clicked on the icon for Sparks, clicked Readability, and a revised paragraph was displayed. [...] Sparks actually makes the process enjoyable! I can't wait to use some of the other features! Great job PWA!!

AI Sparks FAQs

How can I get AI Sparks?

AI Sparks is available in ProWritingAid's free and Premium plans. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Will AI Sparks store my data?

Your data is safe with us. We don't feed your text into the AI that generates the Sparks suggestions, and we don't use your text to train any of our algorithms.

What’s the difference between AI Sparks Edit and Continue?

AI Sparks Edit gives you suggestions to edit and improve your writing. AI Sparks Continue generates new content for you based on what you’ve already written.

Where can I use AI Sparks?

You can use AI Sparks in several of ProWritingAid's integrations and apps, including the online web editor, the desktop app for Mac and Windows, the Chrome and Firefox extensions, and many others.