Premium Plus includes all the same features as Premium, as well as 60 plagiarism checks per year.

Check your work against over a billion web-pages, published works, and academic papers to be sure of its originality. Run the plagiarism report through the online editing tool, or through our Microsoft Word Add-In. Beware of free plagiarism checking services. Always read the fine print, as they may resell your text to others. ProWritingAid never stores, shares or resells your text.

Monthly Subscription Plus
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Yearly Subscription Plus
  • $10.83 a month
  • 68% saving
Lifetime Plus

ProWritingAid Premium Plus: All of ProWritingAid’s editing power; no limitations.

PWA Premium
No Word Count Limits

Analyze full chapters, entire reports, in-depth articles, and more.

PWA Premium
Edit Where You Write

Access to the ProWritingAid Desktop App (perfect for Scrivener and Mac users), as well as our add-ins for MS Word, Google Docs and Chrome.

PWA Premium
Writers Resource Library

Free access to our ever-growing collection of writing books and resources.

PWA Premium
100% Privacy

Unlike other software, we know that your writing is YOUR writing. We will never access it without your permission. Ever.

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Academic Pricing for ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid was founded with education in mind. Our unique editing tool helps students learn good writing techniques and avoid plagiarism. Multiple licenses for academic institutions are available from as little as a few dollars per student.

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