Beyond Grammar Checking for ProseMirror Editor

BeyondGrammar allows you to quickly integrate grammar checking, spellchecking, style improvements, and terminology checking into the ProseMirror editor. Suggestions are underlined and you can quickly accept them. As you type, new issues are identified and underlined. Other functionality includes: personal dictionaries, integrated thesaurus, and custom replacements.

BeyondGrammar ProseMirror Installation Guide

It is easy to integrate our real-time grammar checking plugin into ProseMirror editor. It's free for individual users. For multi-user instancesContact Sales 

Sample code for integrating into the ProseMirror Editor

The code for our grammar checking plugin for ProseMirror is open-source on GitHub if you need to modify it or extend it.

Priced to scale.

For growing demand
  • Minimum 10 users