The ProWritingAid MS Office Add-In conveniently allows you to access the editing software as a toolbar in Microsoft Word.

This feature is only available to Premium users.
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Our Office Add-In is for Word 2016 and higher for Mac.

Our Office Add-In requires an internet connection to work.

How to install ProWritingAid Microsoft Office Add-In for Mac

Click “Get Add-ins”

Open a Word document. On the Insert menu, select Add-ins -> Get Add-ins

Search and Add ProWritingAid

Search for ProWritingAid in the Office Add-ins store. Click Add and then click Continue.

Click ProWritingAid

Open a Word document and click the ProWritingAid button on the Home tab.

How to uninstall the ProWritingAid Microsoft Office Add-In for Mac

  1. Go to Insert menu -> Add-ins -> My Add-ins
  2. Click "⋯" button on ProWritingAid Add-In
  3. Click Remove

Want to integrate ProWritingAid with your app?

You can use our Web API or contact us for details of other integration options.

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