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What Datajournalism.com Is and How to Use It

Launched last week, Datajournalism.com is a new resource pioneered by the European Journalism Centre. In this article, we'll cover what this new resource is and how you can use it in your writing practice.

  1. What Is Datajournalism.com?
  2. How to Use Datajournalism.com
  3. A New Resource for Journalists

What Is Datajournalism.com?

Founded by the European Journalism Centre, Datajournalism.com is a new website that provides data journalists with free resources, materials, online video courses, and community forums so they can learn or improve their data skills.

Datajournalism.com was created because of the belief that the use of data in journalism helps build resilience and inspires better quality reporting. The site, which is now in its beta version, contains numerous articles and courses that you can explore to learn more about data journalism.

How to Use Datajournalism.com

There are a number of different resources you can use on Datajournalism.com to cultivate your data skills.

Long Reads

Datajournalism.com's Long Reads section contains white papers on different trends and topics within data journalism. You can read about how to use spreadsheets, for instance, or dive into data journalism and blockchain.

The Long Reads are typically at least 2,000 words, so dive into them when you have some time. If you're a total newbie to data journalism, you can start with The Data Journalism Handbook to get a primer on what data journalism is and why it's important.

Video Courses

The video courses on Datajournalism.com are great if you are a visual learner or want to digest information about data journalism in short, easy pieces.

There are currently 12 available courses, covering topics like Cleaning Data in Excel and Managing Data Journalism Projects. You can use the courses if you are looking to learn more about data journalism yourself or if you're hoping to learn more about how to interact with or manage a data journalist for a writing project.


You can also join the Datajournalism.com forums to meet with and talk to other data journalists. On the forums, you can discuss the free resources available on the site. There are also career forums and places to talk about general topics.

A New Resource for Journalists

While Datajournalism.com is still in its beta version, we think it's a great resource for writers looking to learn more about using data effectively in their work. Be sure to check back as the site grows and adds more content over the coming months.

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