Contextual Thesaurus Report

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The contextual thesaurus report is designed to allow you to play with your words quickly and easily. We want you to be able to find vocabulary enhancements that fit perfectly into the context of the sentence. Unlike most thesaurus suggestions, our report takes into account the context of the word in the sentence to provide suggestions that work well within the sentence.

Consider the sentence:
"I need to take a book with me if I book a flight."

Here, the word 'book' is being used in two contexts: a novel, and to reserve. Our thesaurus report will suggest novel as a suitable replacement in the first instance, and reserve in the second.

With the thesaurus report, you can quickly scan through your document and select from relevant suggested replacements. Obviously, you won't want to accept all of the replacements. The report is designed to help you explore the language you're using. You still need to think about whether the suggestions correctly fits the nuanced meaning that you want to convey.

The thesaurus report is designed to run on smaller pieces so it will only run on the first few thousand words. Any more and it would take too long to run (and the amount of time for you to go through it would be overwhelming).

We've also color-coded the words in the report so that verbs, adjectives, nouns, and adverbs are highlighted in different colors. This will allow you to easily concentrate on a specific class of word as you go through the report.

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