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7 Free Tools to Make You a Better and Faster Writer

If you enjoy writing and have an abundance of creative ideas, you can certainly turn your talent into a rewarding career. However, there is one thing you need to understand: you have to take this challenge seriously, because decent content doesn’t come without spending time in thinking, searching for sources, writing, rewriting and proofreading until you reach something close to perfection. Whatever problems you are facing while writing; there are online tools and resources that can help you overcome them!

It took a while for me to discover and test the effectiveness of many online tools, but I have come across some that made it into my list of regularly used productivity boosters.

  1. 1. Writinghouse.org
  2. 2. Google Docs
  3. 3. Arts & Letters Daily
  4. 4. OmmWriter
  5. 5. WriteMonkey
  6. 6. Time Out
  7. 7. FocusWriter
  8. You can become a better and faster writer with the right set of tools!

1. Writinghouse.org

Using other people’s work in your own articles may seem like the easiest thing, but it won’t be long before the owners start reporting you for copyright issues.

In order to gain credibility as a writer, you have to use proper referencing, but it’s difficult to memorize all those referencing standards. Well, you don’t have to, because Writinghouse will apply all references automatically. It’s a completely free tool, it’s easy to use, and frankly – I don’t know what I would do without it.

2. Google Docs

Why is it better than your usual word processor? You can access your documents from any device with an Internet connection, since the tool automatically stores everything you write on your personal account.

If you want to use the full potential of Google Docs, you should definitely check out the extension Spanning Stats. As a creative writer, statistics may be repulsive to you, but Spanning Stats will change your perception because it will show you how much work you are completing during certain portions of the day. That will help you create a more effective schedule according to your productivity patterns.

3. Arts & Letters Daily

This website is the best place for finding inspiration and seeing how exceptional writing is done. This project was created with the goal to offer an immense number of links to credible essays, reviews, articles and other types of resources. There is something new you can read every single day, so starting the morning with a preview of Arts & Letters Daily can be a great inspirational habit.

4. OmmWriter

The best way to stay away from interferences when using your computer is to rely on OmmWriter – a tool that will create a clean, distraction-free environment to help you resist the temptation to check your email, Facebook and Twitter on every few minutes. This is a tool for MAC users, but I have something similar on the list for Windows as well.

5. WriteMonkey

Here it is – a productivity tool for Windows users. WriteMonkey will turn you into a faster and more productive writer by enabling you to ditch the mouse and do everything with the keyboard. Moreover, it also provides a zen-like environment that will maintain your creativity flow by keeping you away from distractions.

6. Time Out

As a writer, you have surely heard of the 50-10 rule. In order to reach the maximum of your productivity, you need to have a 10-minute break after 50 minutes of effective writing. Instead of using your alarm as a reminder, you can rely on Time Out as a tool you cannot cheat.

7. FocusWriter

If you want to start using a single tool that offers all features you need, FocusWriter is the best choice. First of all, it enables you to work in a distraction-free outline that will make your mind sharper, but it also offers timers and alarms, as well as a section where you can set daily goals.

You can become a better and faster writer with the right set of tools!

No matter how talented you are, writing can never be an easy job. You have good days and bad days, but things get easier when you have the right tools to remind you of how good you can be when placed in the right setting. Don’t be afraid to try out some of the new trends; you will be surprised with their simplicity and capacity.

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