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Improve Your Writing Tip #7: Don't repeat yourself


"Didn't I just read that?" That's definitely not what you want your readers to think.

Redundant writing is often poor writing. If you constantly use the same words, especially within a paragraph or sentence, it distracts readers from your message message message message (see?). Furthermore, if you're constantly repeating yourself, you're probably not spreading your creative wings as wide as they can (and should) get.

To avoid repeated phrases, make sure to reread your work. Don't just read in your head, either—read your work aloud. Read it several times, noting any spots where you might've repeated yourself. Concentrate not on the meaning, but on the words themselves.

Another trick: Ask someone to read your work back to you. Again, listen for those repeats. Make sure you have your own copy in front of you to take notes. If you notice it, readers will, too. Mark it down. Edit it later.

A third trick: ProWritingAid! Our Echoes Report will highlight any repeated words and phrases that it finds in your writing. Try our writing improvement software today.

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