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Improve Your Writing Tip #11: Read your work aloud

Improve your writing

Reading in your head is fine in a coffee shop. But if you find the time, there's no substitute for reading aloud.

Reading aloud adds an extra sense to your process. You not only see the words on the page—you hear them. This often precludes repeated words, awkward phrasing, and flowery prose. What's more, it helps you get a better sense of the rhythm of your work.

If you're a fiction writer, reading aloud also does wonders for your dialogue. If it sounds good when you say it out loud, it's probably good dialogue. If it sounds a little wonky, you might want to revisit it.

Although some writers can't stand doing this, you can also record yourself reading your work and then play it back. That way it's as if someone else is reading it to you. Or, if you're lucky, maybe you can convince a real person to read it back to you.

Our writing improvement software can help improve your dialogue, rhythm, and more.

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