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Improve Your Writing Tip #16: No wasted words

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David Byrne once sang, "Say something once... why say it again?" We like his advice.

For writers, redundancies are a common weakness. A redundancy is a problem in which a writer writes the same idea twice in different ways. For example, "a pair of twins." Twins are pairs by definition, so there's no need to include the extra word. Or "absolutely essential." The word "essential" already implies an absolute feeling, so you're only adding unnecessary words by including the adverb.

A quick way to excise redundancies is to pay close attention to implied meaning. If you use descriptive nouns and verbs, for example, most adjectives and adverbs will likely become redundant. For example, the verb "dash" already implies quickness. To add an adverb such as "rapidly" would only be redundant. Don't do it!

Our writing improvement software is an excellent tool for finding redundant expressions. Try it out today.

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