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How to improve your thesis using our free thesis writing software

Your thesis or dissertation is one of the most important things that you will ever write. You spend so much time on your thesis it that it might be difficult to view it with an objective eye. This is why many people use a thesis editing service.

  1. Use the same tools as a professional thesis editor
  2. Get more value for money from your editing service
  3. Simple to use, produces informative reports
  4. Top tips for improving your thesis or dissertation

Use the same tools as a professional thesis editor

The first thing a thesis or dissertation editing service will do is use a tool like ProWritingAid to check your text for all manner of errors. Once they have this list in hand then they will feel that they have fulfilled part of their contract with you and therefore don't need to look at your thesis in the more critical ways of structure and content.

Get more value for money from your editing service

By using ProWritingAid yourself before you send your thesis to an editing service you will get more value for money from the service because you will have removed all the 'low hanging fruit'. You will therefore get advice from your dissertation proofreading that is much more instructive and around the areas that really matter of your thesis editing: content and structure.

Simple to use, produces informative reports

ProWritingAid is a simple Thesis Editor tool. All you need to do is paste in your text and hit the Analyze button and you will get back a set of reports that will help you improve your thesis in no time at all.

Top tips for improving your thesis or dissertation

        Below are our top tips on making sure that your thesis is the best it can be before you submit it.            

- As with any formal document a thesis should be well structured with an informative title, headings, and subheadings. A good tip is to read through all the headings of your thesis alone. Would someone just reading the headings understand the argument of your thesis? If not then it may be a sign you need to improve your headings, and or change the logical ordering of your thesis. - A thesis should be clearly worded and avoid too much jargon and long words. Especially in this day and age think that your thesis may be read by non-native english speakers so try and keep the words short. There is nothing more likely to send your reader to sleep than long boring sentences. A reader will always be more impressed by a clear concise explanation of a problem than by one riddled with jargon. - Always remember that an example is the best way of describing something. People are much better at grasping concepts that are put into context than an abstract argument. Think of something that is similar to part of your argument and use that as a source for explanations. You never know it might inspire you yourself or give you a clearer insight.

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