Writing Quotes by Jennifer Weiner

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A collection of Writing Quotes by Jennifer Weiner

Writing Quote by Jennifer Weiner - I was an English major in college, took a ton of creative writing courses, and was a newspaper reporter for 10 years.Writing Quote by Jennifer Weiner - Character is character and voice is voice, which translates nicely from writing novels to writing TV. But the process is different. You have a writer's room, people pitch you jokes and you collaborate.Writing Quote by Jennifer Weiner - There's something really nice about writing something on Wednesday and watching it being performed live for a studio audience on Tuesday. You never really get that with novels.Writing Quote by Jennifer Weiner - People say I'm not good at writing about men. My dad left when I was 16. Give me a break. I'm doing the best I can.Writing Quote by Jennifer Weiner - My feeling about my own work is, I could be writing 'The Aeneid' and they would still have to call it chick lit or mommy lit or menopausal old hag lit.

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