Writing Quotes by Laura Hillenbrand

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A collection of Writing Quotes by Laura Hillenbrand

Writing Quote by Laura Hillenbrand - Since signing with Universal, I have been working closely with Gary Ross, the director, producer and screenwriter. We have spent many hours on the phone, and I've been sending him information and items that have been useful to the writing process.Writing Quote by Laura Hillenbrand - In terms of writing about horses, I fell backwards into that. I was intent on getting a Ph.D., becoming a professor, and writing on history but I got sick 14 years ago when I was 19. Getting sick derailed that plan completely.Writing Quote by Laura Hillenbrand - I think if I had been writing fiction, where the work is entirely dependent on the writer's creativity and the potential directions the narrative might take are infinite, I might have frozen.Writing Quote by Laura Hillenbrand - I identified in a very deep way with the individuals I was writing about because the theme that runs through this story is of extraordinary hardship and the will to overcome it.Writing Quote by Laura Hillenbrand - I had been writing professionally since 1988.

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