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Writing Quotes by John Grisham

A collection of Writing Quotes by John Grisham

My name became a brand, and I'd love to say that was the plan from the start. But the only plan was to keep writing books. And I've stuck to that ever since.

It's hard to read good fiction when I am writing, because if it is really good I catch myself sort of inadvertently imitating a great writer.

Writing was not a childhood dream of mine. I do not recall longing to write as a student. I wasn't sure how to start.

Still, something about writing made me spend large hours of my free time at my desk.

Writing's still the most difficult job I've ever had - but it's worth it.

We have the crime of the century every six months. So for people like me who enjoy, you know, taking these stories and writing about them, the material is endless.

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