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Writing Quotes by Ray Bradbury

A collection of Writing Quotes by Ray Bradbury

You fail only if you stop writing.

My stories run up and bite me on the leg - I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.

Love is easy, and I love writing. You can't resist love. You get an idea, someone says something, and you're in love.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, but soon will, and will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again. As soon as you have an idea that changes some small part of the world you are writing science fiction. It is always the art of the possible, never the impossible.

All of my writing is God-given.

The answer to all writing, to any career for that matter, is love.

I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, on my desk while I am writing.

Be confident about grammar

Check every email, essay, or story for grammar mistakes. Fix them before you press send.