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Whether you’re turning in your thesis or submitting to that incredibly selective journal, perfect all your work with ProWritingAid.

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Your first line of defense before submission

Because not all of us majored in English, but our papers need to read like we did

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Academic writing made easier

Stop stressing over your first draft. Now you can improve any sentence in just a few clicks. Shorten sentences, correct informal language, expand your sentence variety, and add transitions so your writing can flow.

Catch every easy-to-miss mistake

Typos and grammar errors can slip into anyone’s work. But ProWritingAid’s AI-powered grammar checker can catch and fix even the trickiest issues so your ideas can shine.

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In-depth analysis whenever you need it

Sure, that email might only need a cursory check. But a 100-page research paper needs more comprehensive reviews. Use our structure analysis, complex paragraph alerts, and advanced thesaurus tool to get all your work publish-ready.

Write clearly, concisely, and accurately

Striking the right balance between clarity and academic rigor can be a challenge. But with analytical language goals, and power verb suggestions, you can make sure your work is professional without sacrificing readability.

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ProwritingAid is the number one tool I recommend to my college students to help in their writing. It offers as much or as little as you need to improve from where you are. It’s good for the student, the professor, and the professional.

As someone who teaches scientific writing, this tool has been amazingly helpful. The feedback it gives students allows me to concentrate on the content alone.

I work professionally as an English teacher and editor for an academic journal and ProWritingAid saves a lot of time whenever I need to correct my students’ writings or when I have to review a paper for the journal.

Perfect your writing with even more tools

In-line citation checks

It’s easy to slip up and miss a citation or use the wrong style. ProWritingAid tracks in-line citations so you can find and correct them in an instant.

Plagiarism checker

Rest assured your work is original by checking your work against a host of web pages, published works, and other academic papers.

Transition suggestions

Transitions are critical for a good reading flow. Identify the best places to insert them so your readers can follow your thoughts with ease.

Works wherever you do

We seamlessly integrate across all the apps you use, whether they’re on the desktop or online.