ProWritingAid for Google Docs®

Our Google Docs Add-On allows you to find and highlight ways to improve your writing within Google Docs.

This feature is only available to Premium users. If you don't have a premium account yet, you can still install it. You will be offered a free two-week trial when you first try to use it. You can also purchase a Premium license from within the add-on.

ProWritingAid uses your google email address to see if you have a premium account. If your premium account is associated with a different email address then read how to change your account email address.

Read how to change your account email address

Once you've installed the add-on it will appear in the Add-ons menu in a Google word-processing document.

Want to integrate ProWritingAid with your app?

You can use our Web API or contact us for details of other integration options.

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