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How to hyphenate underneath

underneath is hyphenated as un-der-neath

How to pronounce underneath

underneath is pronounced ´əndər ´nēːθ

Number of syllables in underneath

The number of syllables in underneath is 3

What part of speech in underneath?

underneath can be a noun or an adjective or an adverb or a preposition

How common in the word underneath?

underneath is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does underneath convey?

not ranked

Common collocations after 'underneath'

arm, back, black, car, edge, feet, head, just, like, look, old, rock, shirt, small, very

Common collocations before 'underneath'

arm, back, down, hand, just, leg, look, nothing, right, see, shirt, skin, slid, something, white

Common collocations of 'underneath'

arm, back, black, blue, down, felt, get, hand, head, just, leg, like, look, nothing, old, over, pull, right, see, shirt, skin, slid, small, something, still, thing, two, water, way, white

Words with similar spelling to underneath

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List of anagrams of underneath


Common Noun Collocations of underneath

air, arm, bed, body, car, chin, door, earth, floor, foot, grind, hand, head, house, man, nothing, paper, picture, pillow, refuge, seat, side, skin, stone, surface, table, tree, water, window, word

Common Verb Collocations of underneath

be, draw, find, flow, get, have, hide, know, lie, look, may, might, paint, pass, place, put, river, run, see, should, show, sit, slide, slip, stand, tremble, tuck, wear, will, write