Fish - Writers' Dictionary

How to hyphenate Fish

Fish is hyphenated as Fish

How to pronounce Fish

Fish is pronounced fɪʃ

Number of syllables in Fish

The number of syllables in Fish is 1

What part of speech in Fish?

Fish is a noun

How common in the word Fish?

Fish is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does Fish convey?

not ranked

Common collocations after 'Fish'

No items found

Common collocations before 'Fish'

April, around, black, five, like, make, murder, open, play, recipe, think, through, time, water, year

Words with similar spelling to Fish

bish, dish, fash, fikh, fiqh, fisc, fist, kish, pish, wish

Synonyms of 'Fish'

albacore, Angle, archerfish, babe, barbel, barracuda, benthos, Bill, blackfish, black bass, bleak, bluegill, blue shark, Bob, Bone, bonito, boob, bowfin, bream, brook trout, brown trout, buck, buffalo fish, bullhead, burbot, butt, butterfish, c, C-note, candlefish, carp, cartwheel, catfish, caviar, cent, century, cetacean, Char, chimaera, Chinook salmon, cichlid, cinch, clam, cobia, cod, codfish, coelacanth, conger, copper, crappie, cull, cutlass fish, cutthroat trout, dace, dap, darter, devilfish, dib, dibble, dime, dogfish, dollar, dolphin, dorado, drive, drum, drumfish, dupe, easy mark, eel, eelpout, electric ray, fall guy, filefish, fin, Fish, five-spot, fiver, flounder, fluke, fly-fish, fool, fry, g, game fish, gar, gig, globefish, goatfish, goby, grand, greenhorn, grig, grilse, grouper, grunt, guddle, gudgeon, gull, hake, halibut, hippocampus, innocent, iron man, jack, jacklight, jewfish, jig, kingfish, kipper, lamprey, lantern fish, ling, loach, mackerel, man-eater, manta, Marlin, menhaden, Mill, minnow, minny, monkey, mudfish, muskellunge, net, nickel, oquassa, paddlefish, panfish, patsy, penny, perch, permit, pickerel, pigeon, pike, pilchard, pilot fish, piranha, plaice, plankton, plaything, Poisson, lake trout, horse mackerel, hogfish, herring, half dollar, haddock, gunnel, goldfish, fingerling, croaker, Cisco, chump, chub, capelin, bass, anchovy, alewife, pollack, pompano, porbeagle, porgy, porpoise, puffer, pushover, quarter, rainbow trout, ray, redfish, red cent, red herring, roach, roe, salmon, salmon trout, sap, saphead, sardine, sawbuck, sawfish, scup, seafood, sea bass, sea horse, sea snake, Seine, shark, shiner, shrimp, sitting duck, skate, skin, smacker, smelt, smolt, snapper, snook, sole, spin, sponge, sprat, steelhead, stickleback, stooge, striped bass, sturgeon, sucker, sunfish, swordfish, tarpon, ten-spot, tenner, thresher, toadfish, tope, torch, Toy, trawl, triggerfish, troll, trout, tuna, tunny, turbot, two-spot, victim, Wahoo, weakfish, whale, whitefish, whiting, yard, yellowtail