Enterprise - Writers' Dictionary

How to hyphenate Enterprise

Enterprise is hyphenated as En-ter-prise

How to pronounce Enterprise

Enterprise is pronounced ´ɛntər ´p r äɪz

Number of syllables in Enterprise

The number of syllables in Enterprise is 3

What part of speech in Enterprise?

Enterprise is a noun

How common in the word Enterprise?

Enterprise is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does Enterprise convey?

not ranked

Common collocations after 'Enterprise'

No items found

Common collocations before 'Enterprise'

American, before, copyright, defense, editor, head, like, month, part, permission, publisher, ran, saw, two, written

Words with similar spelling to Enterprise

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Synonyms of 'Enterprise'

accomplishment, achievement, act, Acta, action, activity, adventure, adventuresomeness, adventurousness, affair, aggression, ambition, approach, arrangement, attack, attempt, audaciousness, audacity, bag, bang, blow, blueprint, body corporate, bravado, bravura, business, calculation, campaign, cartel, cause, combine, commerce, commitment, compagnie, company, conception, concern, concernment, conglomerate, consortium, contrivance, coup, courage, daring, dash, deal, dealings, deed, derring-do, design, determination, device, disposition, doing, doings, drive, dynamism, effort, employ, employment, emprise, endeavor, energy, engagement, enthusiasm, establishment, exploit, fait accompli, feat, fire, firm, force, forcefulness, foresight, forethought, function, game, gest, getup, ginger, go, go-ahead, ground plan, gumption, Hand, handiwork, holding company, house, hustle, idea, industry, initiative, intention, interest, inventiveness, job, kick, labor, layout, lineup, lookout, maneuver, mapping, matter, measure, method, methodology, mettle, move, obligation, occupation, operation, organization, outfit, partnership, passage, pep, pepper, performance, plan, pool, poop, procedure, proceeding, production, program, proposition, public utility, punch, purpose, pursuit, push, resolve, res gestae, schedule, schema, schematism, scheme, self-reliance, service, setup, snap, speculation, spirit, spunk, starch, step, stock company, strategy, stroke, struggle, stunt, syndicate, system, tactics, task, thing, thrust, tour de force, transaction, trust, turn, undertaking, utility, venture, verve, vigor, vim, way, work, zeal, zing, zip