enchantment - Writers' Dictionary

How to hyphenate enchantment

enchantment is hyphenated as en-chant-ment

How to pronounce enchantment

enchantment is pronounced ɛn´tʃăntmənt

Number of syllables in enchantment

The number of syllables in enchantment is 3

What part of speech in enchantment?

enchantment is a noun

How common in the word enchantment?

enchantment is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does enchantment convey?

not ranked

Words with similar spelling to enchantment

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Synonyms of 'enchantment'

affection, alchemy, allure, allurement, amativeness, amorousness, appeal, ascendancy, attraction, attractiveness, authority, beatification, beatitude, blandishment, blessedness, bliss, blissfulness, cajolery, charisma, charm, charmingness, cheer, cheerfulness, cloud nine, clout, come-hither, conjuration, consequence, control, credit, curse, delectation, Delight, delightfulness, demonstrativeness, divination, dominance, domination, ecstasy, elation, eminence, enticement, entrapment, esteem, evil eye, exaltation, exhilaration, exquisiteness, exuberance, fantasy, fascination, favor, felicity, fetishism, flirtation, forbidden fruit, force, gaiety, glamour, Glee, Grace, gramarye, happiness, heaven, hex, hold, hoodoo, illusion, importance, incantation, inducement, influence, insinuation, interest, intoxication, invitation, invitingness, jinx, Jonah, Joy, joyance, juju, leadership, leverage, lovelornness, lovesickness, luxury, magic, magnetism, mastery, maya, mesmerism, miracle, moment, necromancy, obeah, obsession, Paradise, personality, persuasion, possession, potency, power, predominance, preponderance, pressure, prestige, prodigy, purchase, rapture, ravishment, reign, repute, romanticism, rule, rune, Say, seduction, seductiveness, sentimentality, sex appeal, shamanism, sign, sorcery, sortilege, spell, suasion, suggestion, sunshine, supremacy, susceptibility, sway, sympathetic magic, temptation, thaumaturgy, theurgy, transport, vampirism, voodoo, weight, whip hand, winsomeness, witchcraft, witchery, wizardry, wonder, wonderwork

Common Verb Collocations of enchantment

add, be, behold, break, can, change, complete, do, expire, feel, fill, forget, gaze, have, infuse, lend, look, pile, put, render, rise, shall, shut, succumb, take, throw, vanish, will, yield, use

Common Adverb Collocations of enchantment

again, almost, alone, always, as, away, even, fully, here, how, however, little, long, much, no, not, now, only, over, so, soon, then, too, when, where, whereby, yet, silently, solemnly, veritably

Common Conjunction Collocations of enchantment

and, but, nor, or