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How to hyphenate derivation

derivation is hyphenated as der-i-va-tion

How to pronounce derivation

derivation is pronounced ´dɛr ə´vāɪʃən

Number of syllables in derivation

The number of syllables in derivation is 4

What part of speech in derivation?

derivation is a noun

How common in the word derivation?

derivation is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does derivation convey?

not ranked

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Synonyms of 'derivation'

acceptance, accidence, acquisition, admission, admittance, affiliation, affix, affixation, allomorph, ancestry, appropriation, assumption, beginning, birth, blood, bloodline, Branch, breed, by-product, cognate, commencement, conception, conclusion, conjugation, consanguinity, consequence, consequent, corollary, cutting, declension, deduction, derivative, descent, development, dialectology, distaff side, distillate, doublet, enclitic, eponym, eponymy, etymology, etymon, event, eventuality, extraction, family, filiation, folk etymology, formative, foundation, fountain, free form, fruit, genealogy, Genesis, glossematics, glossology, glottochronology, glottology, grammar, graphemics, harvest, head, house, illation, imitation, inception, induction, inference, inflection, infringement, issue, legacy, lexicology, lexicostatistics, line, lineage, linguistics, linguistic geography, morph, morpheme, morphology, morphophonemics, offshoot, offspring, origin, original, outcome, outgrowth, paleography, paradigm, pasticcio, pastiche, philology, phonetics, phonology, phylum, plagiarism, plagiary, precipitate, prefix, primitive, proclitic, product, provenance, provenience, psycholinguistics, Race, radical, radix, receipt, reception, result, resultant, rise, root, seed, semantics, sept, sequel, sequela, sequence, sequent, side, simulation, sociolinguistics, source, spear side, stem, stirps, Stock, strain, structuralism, succession, suffix, syntactics, taking, taproot, theme, upshot, well, whence