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How to hyphenate cruiser

cruiser is hyphenated as cruis-er

How to pronounce cruiser

cruiser is pronounced ´kr ōːzər

Number of syllables in cruiser

The number of syllables in cruiser is 2

What part of speech in cruiser?

cruiser is a noun

How common in the word cruiser?

cruiser is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does cruiser convey?

not ranked

Common collocations after 'cruiser'

No items found

Common collocations before 'cruiser'

any, back, door, first, get, heavy, north, police, saw, see, seven, six, three, through, two

Common collocations of 'cruiser'

already, any, back, door, down, few, first, get, heavy, house, just, make, matter, moment, north, only, open, over, police, pull, saw, see, seven, side, six, three, through, two, walk, way

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Synonyms of 'cruiser'

adventurer, Alpinist, ark, barge, battleship, buss, cabin cruiser, canoe, capital ship, carrier, carryall, cat, catamaran, climber, cockle, cockleshell, commuter, convoy, coracle, cosmopolite, destroyer, dinghy, dispatch boat, dreadnought, drifter, eagle boat, excursionist, explorer, fille de joie, fire ship, flagship, frigate, funny, galley, gig, glider, goer, gondola, gunboat, hajji, harlot, hooker, houseboat, hoy, hustler, jet-setter, jet set, jolly, jolly boat, launch, lifeboat, lighter, light cruiser, longboat, mariner, monitor, mosquito boat, motorboat, mountaineer, outboard, paddy wagon, passenger, pathfinder, pilot boat, pioneer, powerboat, pram, privateer, punt, randan, rowboat, rubberneck, sailor, scooter, scull, sedan cruiser, shallop, shell, showboat, skiff, speedboat, squad car, straphanger, streetwalker, superdreadnought, sweeper, tanker, tender, tomato, tourer, tourist, towboat, trailblazer, transport, traveler, trawler, trimaran, tripper, troopship, trow, tug, tugboat, wagon, wanigan, warship, wayfarer, whaleboat, wherry, whore, yawl, surfboat, submersible, submarine, sneakbox, scow, scout, sampan, runabout, ram, racer, pontoon, pirogue, piragua, pinnace, pilot, pilgrim, Palmer, nightwalker, mailer, landing craft, kayak, ironclad, hydroplane, hydrofoil, hospital ship, heavy cruiser, flattop, first-rate, ferryboat, ferry, fare, dugout, cutter, corvette, cog, caravel, camper, bomb ketch, Black Maria, auxiliary, astronaut, aircraft carrier, voyageur, transient

List of anagrams of cruiser

sucrier, curries

Common Adverb Collocations of cruiser

ahead, just, much, not, only, principally, thus, very, rapidly, safely

Common Conjunction Collocations of cruiser

and, but, or