buffer - Writers' Dictionary

How to hyphenate buffer

buffer is hyphenated as buff-er

How to pronounce buffer

buffer is pronounced ´bəfər

Number of syllables in buffer

The number of syllables in buffer is 2

What part of speech in buffer?

buffer can be a transitive verb or a noun

How common in the word buffer?

buffer is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does buffer convey?

not ranked

Words with similar spelling to buffer

buffet, duffer, puffer, suffer

Synonyms of 'buffer'

aegis, annul, antacid, arch dam, awl, bamboo curtain, bank, bar, barrage, barrier, bevel, bevel square, bodkin, boom, bradawl, breakwater, breastwork, buff, bulkhead, bulwark, bumper, calender, cancel, chamois, cloison, cofferdam, collision mat, contraceptive, copyright, counterbalance, counterirritant, crash helmet, crowbar, cushion, Dam, dashboard, defense, dibble, Dike, dissepiment, ditch, dividers, division, drag, earthwork, edger, embankment, fence, fender, file, flail, forceps, fork, frustrate, fuse, gate, glazer, goose, governor, grader, grapnel, grappling iron, gravity dam, grindstone, guard, guardrail, handrail, hard hat, harrow, hawk, helmet, hook, insulation, interlock, invalidate, iron, iron curtain, jack, jam, jetty, jointer, lathe, levee, level, lifeline, lightning conductor, lightning rod, logjam, mangle, mask, mat, midriff, midsection, milldam, miter box, moat, mole, mound, mudguard, nail file, negate, negative, neutralize, nullify, offset, pad, jackscrew, groin, dodger, diaphragm, center punch, cant hook, brattice, backstop, antidote, padding, Palladium, panel, parapet, paries, partition, party wall, patent, peavey, pilot, pincers, pitchfork, plane, pliers, portcullis, press, preventative, preventive, prophylactic, punch, puncheon, putty knife, ram, rammer, rampart, ramrod, remedy, ripping bar, roadblock, roller, safeguard, safety, safety glass, safety valve, Sander, screen, screwdriver, seat belt, separation, septum, shield, spatula, square, stapler, steamroller, stultify, tackle, tamp, tamper, tap, thwart, tongs, trowel, tweezers, umbrella, undo, vise, vitiate, void, wall, weir, windscreen, windshield, work, wringer

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