Bridge - Writers' Dictionary

How to hyphenate Bridge

Bridge is hyphenated as Bridge

How to pronounce Bridge

Bridge is pronounced br ɪdʒ

Number of syllables in Bridge

The number of syllables in Bridge is 1

What part of speech in Bridge?

Bridge is a noun

How common in the word Bridge?

Bridge is not ranked in the list of most common words in English

What sentiment does Bridge convey?

not ranked

Common collocations after 'Bridge'

No items found

Common collocations before 'Bridge'

across, along, crossed, down, end, London, near, off, over, see, through, toward, under, way, went

Words with similar spelling to Bridge

abridge, bride, bridle, fridge, ridge

Synonyms of 'Bridge'

accumulate, acting area, agglutinate, alveolar ridge, amass, Amati, anacrusis, apron, apron stage, articulate, assemble, associate, baccarat, backstage, band, bandstand, band shell, banker, bass, beacon, belvedere, bestraddle, bestride, Bifrost, blackjack, bleachers, bluff, board, bond, Boston, bourdon, bow, bracket, brag, bridgework, bull fiddle, burden, cadence, canasta, casino, catwalk, cello, cement, chain, chorus, coda, collect, combine, commerce, commit, comprise, concatenate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, connection, contrabass, copulate, coulisse, couple, cover, Cremona, cribbage, crowd, dentition, denture, development, division, dock, double bass, drawbridge, dressing room, embrace, encompass, euchre, exposition, false teeth, faro, fiddle, fiddlestick, figure, fingerboard, five hundred, flinch, flyover, fly gallery, folderol, footbridge, forestage, fright, frog, gallery, gangboard, gangplank, gangway, gather, gazebo, gin, gin rummy, glue, goat, grandstand, greenroom, grid, gridiron, include, interlude, intermezzo, join, jut, keno, kit, knot, l, lansquenet, lap, league, lighthouse, link, loo, lookout, loophole, lottery, lotto, marry, marshal, Mass, matrimony, measure, merge, mobilize, monte, movement, Napoleon, observation post, observatory, old maid, orchestra, ornament, outlook, overarch, overhang, overlap, overlie, overlook, overpass, override, pair, part, passage, pass over, Patience, peephole, penny ante, period, phrase, pit, plate, poker, pontoon bridge, proscenium, put-and-take, quadrille, r, refrain, resolution, response, reverse, ringside, ritornello, rouge et noir, rum, rummy, scroll, section, seven-up, shell, shingle, skat, solder, solitaire, soundboard, span, speculation, splice, stage, stage left, stage right, stanza, statement, stick together, Stradivari, Stradivarius, strain, string, stud poker, suspension bridge, swing bridge, switchboard, tailpiece, tape, teeth, thirty-one, tie, toll bridge, tower, traverse, tutti, twenty-one, unify, unite, variation, verse, viaduct, viola, violin, violoncello, violone, watchtower, weld, whist, yoke