The 8 Elements of a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Learn who needs a book proposal, what goes into one, and how to make yours great.

January 26 | 12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM UK

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Who needs a book proposal, what goes into a good one, and how can you make yours great?

A book proposal is a detailed, persuasive pitch that will entice agents and publishers to invest in your book idea. An effective one showcases the transformation journey your reader is hungry for, explains why you are the best person to lead them through it, and proves that you have a plan for marketing the work. It doesn’t matter how much you know about your specific area of expertise — if you don’t share your knowledge in a way that convinces and persuades, your idea will die on the vine.

In this webinar, top book coach Jennie Nash will teach you the 8 elements of a book proposal, give you clarity on how the proposal functions in the search for an agent and a traditional book deal, and offer a simple and powerful tool you can use to begin to pin your idea to the page.

Who should take this webinar?

Entrepreneurs, educators, executives, and coaches (of everything from basketball to business, career to life) who want to make an impact with their ideas.

Writers who are noodling around with a new idea and haven’t yet pinned it to the page.

Keynote speakers and course creators who are struggling to translate their core presentation into a book.

Experts who are tempted to throw everything and the kitchen sink into their books.

Academic writers who are interested in sharing their ideas widely outside academia.

People who have never written a book who are ready to unlock the secret that sets a good book apart from a great one.

Your Host

Jennie Nash is the founder and CEO of Author Accelerator, a company that trains, certifies, and supports book coaches so they can help writers do their best work.

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Jennie Nash

Author and Expert