Synonyms of 'familiar'

abreast, accepted, accustomed, acquaintance, acquainted, affable, alter ego, amicable, amigo, angel, arrogant, audacious, au courant, au fait, average, aware, backer, banal, bewhiskered, Bohemian, bold, boon, bromidic, brother, buddy-buddy, bumptious, casual, chatty, chummy, close, cognizant, cold, colloquial, comfortable, common, commonplace, confidant, confidante, confidential, conformable, conscious, consuetudinary, control, contumelious, conventional, conversant, conversational, cool, cordial, corny, cozy, current, customary, daemon, demon, disdainful, disrespectful, easy, easygoing, everyday, fade, fairy godmother, familiar spirit, fellow, fellowman, fellow creature, folksy, forward, free, fresh, friend, friendly, fusty, genial, genius, genius loci, gracious, guardian, guardian angel, guide, habitual, hackney, hackneyed, homely, homey, household, impertinent, impudent, informal, informed, inseparable, insolent, insulting, intimate, intrusive, irregular, lares and penates, loose, Lover, Manes, mate, mindful, moth-eaten, musty, natural, near, neighbor, neighborly, nonstandard, normal, normative, notorious, numen, obtrusive, offhand, officious, old hat, ordinary, overweening, partisan, penates, plain, platitudinous, popular, prescriptive, presuming, presumptuous, prevailing, prevalent, prosaic, proverbial, public, pushy, regular, regulation, repository, routine, set, simple, snug, sociable, social, spoken, square, stale, standard, stereotyped, Stock, substandard, supporter, sympathizer, thick, threadbare, time-honored, timeworn, totem, traditional, trite, unaffected, unassuming, unceremonious, unconstrained, unconventional, uneducated, universal, unoriginal, unreserved, unrestrained, unstudied, up, uppish, uppity, usual, vernacular, versed, well-known, well-understood, well-wisher, well-worn, widespread, wonted, worn