Synonyms of 'correct'

accord, accurate, attentive, awaken, becoming, careful, close, compensate, conform, conformable, conscientious, critical, debunk, decorous, delicate, detailed, due, exact, exacting, exigent, exquisite, faultless, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, follow, formal, functional, fussy, good, happy, just, meticulous, minute, modify, narrow, natural, nice, particular, penalize, perfect, precise, proper, punctilious, punctual, punish, refined, religious, right, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, seemly, set, settle, strict, structural, subtle, suit, suitable, textual, usual, valid, verbal, scriptural, scold, rightful, righteous, revise, reverse, revamp, requite, reprove, reprimand, reprehend, repair, remunerate, remedy, regulate, reform, redress, redraft, redact, rectify, reconcile, recompense, rebuke, rate, pronominal, pillory, participial, orthodox, okay, offset, observe, objurgate, nullify, normative, normal, nominal, neutralize, mold, mend, meet, masthead, mark, mannerly, make over, literal, letter-perfect, lecture, kosher, intransitive, inspired, improve, impeccable, harmonize, grade, fix, fitting, fit, firm, felicitous, faithful, factual, expose, evangelical, enlighten, emendate, emend, edit, done, disillusionize, disillusion, disenchant, discipline, disappoint, disabuse, de rigueur, demanding, decent, customary, cure, counterbalance, counteract, correspond, copulative, conventional, conjunctive, condign, compose, comply, comme il faut, comely, Christian, chide, chastise, chasten, change, censure, castigate, canonical, cancel, blue-pencil, blame, better, berate, bend, befitting, authoritative, authentic, attributive, apt, appropriate, annul, amend, ameliorate, all right, adverbial, admonish, adjust, adjectival, adapt, accommodate, accepted, absolute, yield, work over, well-spoken, well-put, well-mannered, well-chosen, vigorous, veridical, veracious, upbraid, unimpeachable, undeceive, true-blue, true, transitive, traditional, take down, tagmemic, syntactic, substantive, straighten, straight, standard, spank, Sound, SHAPE, set down, settle with