The Grammar Guide Spelling What is the difference between 'now' and 'know'?

What is the difference between 'now' and 'know'?

What is the difference between 'now' and 'know'?

The words now and know are often confused because they look similar. Do you know the difference?

Now means at the present time when used as an adverb.

Know means to perceive the truth or factuality of; to be certain of or that when used as a verb.

A good way to remember the difference is It is Noon Now--both start with N.

Out of the two words, 'now' is the most common.

It's easy to confuse now and know because they look similar.

Now is pronouned with a short O sound. It means at the present time, currently.

Know is a verb relating to the word knowledge. It means to have knowledge, be aware of, be certain of, or be acquainted with.

Should it be 'now or never' or 'know or never'?

You should use 'now or never'. These phrases are often confused because they are easy to mistype.

Do you say 'I know him' or 'I now' him?

You should use 'I know him'. These phrases are easy to confuse because they are written similarly.

Is the phrase 'I know for a fact' or 'I now for a fact'?

The phrase is 'I know for a fact.' These phrases might be confused because they look similar.

Some synonyms of now are: straight off, rightly away, ly real time, today, right away.

Some synonyms of know are: cognise, comprehend, agnize, go through, recollect.

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The definitions in this article were adapted from Wiktionary.

Examples of now in a sentence

So, now, or rather tomorrow, there'd be trouble.
- Cropper's cabin by Jim Thompson
His experience now seemed very personal.
- The Hound of Rowan by Henry H. Neff
He set things in motion, but he’s leaving it up to us, now, and some of the others.”
- The wandering fire by Guy Gavriel Kay
Now really think this time.”
- The Replacement Child by Christine Barber
Old lady Metz is probably giving her an earful about us right now, though."
- The heart of Devin MacKade by Nora Roberts

Examples of know in a sentence

It’s in this world, that’s all I know, and I can’t go anywhere or do anything until I find it.
- The wandering fire by Guy Gavriel Kay
I know this man,” Joe finally said.
- Beyond belief by Roy Johansen
In fact, he firmly believed that he’d know his future wife the moment he saw her.
- Mystery Bride by B. J. Daniels
Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell.
- The collected poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson; Rachel Wetzsteon
The students didnt know it then, but he was passing on an oral tradition that goes back centuries.
- Nothing gold can stay by Dana Stabenow

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