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Find all the information you need for Fantasy Writers’ Week 2022, including special offers, ways to connect with your fellow fantasy writers, and more.

Fantasy Week is Back Feb 28–March 4

Do you have a whole world in your head just waiting for you to write it to life? Got a cast of fantastical characters and creatures ready to leap off the page? Then join us for Fantasy Writers’ Week 2022, a week of free events just for fantasy writers.

This is the Fantasy Week Hub. When the event starts, this is where you’ll find:

  • Your link to join the live sessions and networking events
  • The full Fantasy Week schedule
  • Your exclusive Fantasy Week offers
  • Replays of all sessions

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Days Until Fantasy Writers’ Week 2022

Fantasy Writers’ Week 2022

If you love writing fantasy, this is the event for you. Join thousands of other fantasy writers to learn from the experts, find your community, and write your fantasy novel.

We’re going to make next year’s event better than ever—clear your calendar.

What can you expect? We’re working on securing some of the biggest names in fantasy writing for you ready for next year. More details to come in January.

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