Storytelling Evangelist

At ProWritingAid, our mission is to help people become better writers so they can share their ideas, stories, and knowledge.

Words shape the world, and we have a unique opportunity to help shape and improve those words. If you love inspiring, educating, and helping people, then this is the right place for you. You'll be helping not only our users but also the millions of children and adults inspired by their words.

We're a 100% remote team spread across more than ten countries brought together by a love of language. By focusing on sustainable growth and the happiness of our team, we've been in business for over 8 years and are still growing strongly without any VC funding.

We are seeking a creative and passionate individual to join our team as a Storytelling Evangelist. As a Storytelling Evangelist, you will be responsible for crafting and delivering compelling narratives that promote our brand, engage our audience, and create meaningful connections. Your role will be pivotal in shaping our company's image and driving our message across various channels and platforms.


  1. Develop and execute storytelling strategies: Collaborate with marketing, communications, and creative teams to develop and implement storytelling strategies that align with our brand identity and objectives. Identify opportunities to integrate storytelling into different aspects of our business, including marketing campaigns, social media, website content, and internal communications.

  2. Craft captivating stories: Create original, impactful stories that resonate with our target audience. Research and gather information from various sources to develop compelling narratives that highlight our brand's values, products, services, and achievements. Utilize different storytelling techniques, such as anecdotes, case studies, customer testimonials, and visuals, to engage and inspire our audience.

  3. Content creation and curation: Write and edit engaging content for a variety of channels, including blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and presentations. Collaborate with the creative team to develop visual assets, including graphics, images, and videos, to enhance storytelling efforts. Stay updated with industry trends and best practices to continually refine and improve storytelling initiatives.

  4. Amplify brand awareness: Act as a brand ambassador by effectively communicating our brand's story and messaging to external stakeholders, including customers, partners, media outlets, and industry influencers. Represent the company at events, conferences, and public speaking engagements to share compelling stories and promote our brand.

  5. Internal storytelling: Foster a culture of storytelling within the organization by encouraging employees to share their experiences, insights, and success stories. Develop internal communication strategies and channels to disseminate stories that inspire and engage employees, fostering a sense of pride and unity.

  6. Measurement and analysis: Track and measure the impact of storytelling initiatives by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement metrics, reach, conversions, and brand sentiment. Analyze data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize storytelling strategies and tactics.


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or a related field (advanced degree preferred).
  • Proven experience in storytelling, content creation, copywriting, or related roles.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail.
  • Ability to think creatively and translate ideas into compelling stories.
  • Strong understanding of brand strategy and positioning.
  • Proficiency in digital marketing channels, social media platforms, and content management systems.
  • Experience with multimedia content creation and editing tools is a plus.
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Self-motivated and able to work both independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of industry trends and best practices in storytelling and content marketing.

Hours of work

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ProWritingAid Team
ProWritingAid is a bootstrapped, profitable company with over 100% YoY growth. We’re at the forefront of exploration and innovation within the field of natural language processing.
ProWritingAid Team
We are a 100% remote team so you can work from the comfort of home, your favorite coffee shop, or anywhere else that makes you happy and productive. With members in more than 10 countries around the world, together, we’re on a mission to empower people to share ideas, stories, and knowledge.
ProWritingAid Team
We’re an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.
ProWritingAid Team

What do we stand for?

Although we are separated by geography, we are bound together by our company vision and values:

ProWritingAid’s Vision

Empowering people to share ideas, stories, and knowledge by inspiring, educating, and helping them to express themselves.

ProWritingAid Team

A Love of Language

We are passionate about language and believe that it is an essential component for communicating ideas, stories and knowledge. We believe good ideas are intrinsically entwined with the words used to express them.
ProWritingAid Team


We place a premium value on integrity and fairness. We do not accept abuse of any kind targeted at or within our team. We take responsibility for our actions, deliver the best work we can, and strive to learn from our mistakes. We always choose the most ethical option.
ProWritingAid Team


We believe that everyone has something to say, and the right to say it well. We are constantly building and improving our software to better serve the needs of our writers.
ProWritingAid Team

Accessible and Educational

We believe every writer, regardless of their economic situation or educational background, should have access to our software. To this end, we will always have a free version available and a helpful customer support team to help writers learn to use it. We will encourage learning by providing high-quality educational content on our blog.
ProWritingAid Team


We strive for diversity and equal opportunity in our team. We are building a team that represents a wealth of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better we will be.
ProWritingAid Team

Work/Life Balance

Despite our geographical distance, our team members are always friendly, empathetic and supportive to one another. We fully embrace the idea of flexible working. We trust our team to get their work done regardless of their location, family schedule, or time zone. We celebrate the diversity of our multinational team. We will always offer a helping hand, encourage each other, and show gratitude for a job well done.