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The Writing Process

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Meaning and ExamplesKindle Vella: What Is It? (Full Guide for Writers)How to Paraphrase in 5 Simple Steps (Without Plagiarizing)Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time: Top 55 Must-Read NovelsHow to Write a Book About Your Life: 8 Tips with ExamplesHow to Write Historical Fiction: 10 Steps to Writing a Great StoryHow to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips and Tricks How to Self-Publish a Book in 2023How Long Does It Take to Write a Book (and Publish It)?13 Best Sherlock Holmes Adaptations in Books, Film, and TVPoint of View: What Is It? (With 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th POV Examples)What Is Flash Fiction? Meaning, Characteristics, and Examples50 Best Halloween BooksRedemption Arc: Meaning, Examples, and Writing TipsBook Introductions: Hook Writers into a Story in 5 Steps (With Examples)Romantic Tropes: Guide to Help Romance Novel WritersBest Dragon Books and Series: Top 25 for Fantasy FansBest Sci Fi Books of All Time: Top 50 of 2022 and All Time7 Elements of Fiction: ProWritingAid's Expert GuideThe Queen’s Best Speeches: Learning from Royal RhetoricSci-Fi Story Ideas and Writing PromptsThe Memoir Method: 7 Steps to a Powerful Personal StoryMan vs Self Conflict in WritingCharacter vs Supernatural Conflict in a Story (with Examples)Man vs Technology: The Conflict Between Man and His CreationsPerson vs Society Conflict: Definition, Examples, and How to Write ItHow to Write a Person vs Fate StoryCopy Editing Software/Apps vs Professional Editor: Which is Better?Central Idea in Literature: Definition, Meaning, and ExamplesWorldbuilding and Historical Fiction: Building a World Within a World7 Ways to Avoid Mistakes When Writing Historical FictionTypes of Archetypes in Fiction Literature: Story, Character, Setting, and MoreHow to Show Emotion in Writing and Make Readers Feel ItWeather Symbolism in Fiction Literature: Learn How to Use ItHow to Fictionalize Your Home Town in Your Novel25 Best Books on Writing Fiction: Learn How with These Essential Reads!Best Young Adult Fiction Books: Top 25 YA Novels You Can't Miss!Non-Fiction Editing: 11 Tips to Help You Self Edit Your BookHow to Structure Your Non-Fiction BookBest Biographies of All Time: Top 20 Most Interesting Reads8 Rules for Writing Non-Fiction Books (and Reasons To Become a Non-Fiction Author)How To Write Like Agatha Christie: 8 Tips for Mystery WritingHow to Write a Whodunit: Tips and Plot Twist IdeasMurder Mystery Clues: How to Write, Ideas, Types of Clues and ExamplesBest Crime Writers: Top 7 and What You Can Learn From ThemHow to Write a Historical Romance Novel: Expert Tips from Rachelle Rea CobbWriting Romance: Avoid These 13 Mistakes Beginners Make!5 Steps to Writing Romance Novels like Nora Roberts5 Steps to Writing Romance Novels like Nora RobertsHow to Create Fictional, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Cultures (with Ideas and Examples)Fantasy Characters: 4 Common Traits and Ideas on Creating ThemFantasy Writing Contests: A Guide for Authors20 Fantasy Writing Prompts: Fuel Your Story/Plot Ideas 4 YA Fantasy Tropes That Aren't Overdone and How to Write ThemHow to Write Page-Turning YA Fantasy Novel: 8 Steps for SucessFantasy Settings: Top 5 Ideas to Create Your Perfect WorldHow to Make Money Writing Fiction: The Secret to SuccessTypes of Horror Fiction: 5 Subgenres ExplainedBest Fictional and Fantasy Worlds Ever Created: Our Top 10How to Create a Fictional Universe Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)10 Common Fiction Writing Mistakes: Avoid These When Writing a Novel!23 Science Fiction Writing ContestsWriting Aesthetic: What It Is and How To Find YoursBest Romance Novels of All Time: Top 60+ Love BooksElements of Science Fiction80 Sci-Fi Tropes for WritersWrite-Publish-Profit Infostack Deal 2022The 4 Types of IronyPerson vs Person: What Is It?How to Become a Writer: Our Complete GuideBest Crime Books to Read in 202310 Best Mystery Characters How to Write a Mystery or Crime Novel: 8 Tips for Writing Crime Fiction30 Best Detective Books of All Time20 Crime Novels with Female LeadsHow to Write Dialogue: 7 Great Tips for Writers (With Examples)14 Creative Writing Exercises to Improve Your WritingStory Elements: 7 Main Elements of a Story and 5 Elements of PlotEcommerce for Authors: 5 Steps to Set Up Your Online BookstoreBest Mystery Books of All Time: Top 25 Novels 5 Common Book Cover Blunders That Deter ReadersShore Scripts: A History of the Short Film FundHow to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 10 StepsSelf-Publishing 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing Your Idea With the WorldHow to Write a Book: The Best Creative Writing Courses OnlineFantasy Writer's Week at ProWritingAidHow to Self-Edit Your Novel to Improve ReadabilityHow to Use Allusion EffectivelyProWritingAid or Grammarly? Bestselling Author Joanna Penn ComparesHow to Improve the Quality of Feedback from Your Beta Readers4 Writing Issues You are Probably Missing When You Self-EditSolve the Mystery of Mystery Writing: The 8 Clues You NeedHow to Outline Your Crime Novel: Modifying the Hero's JourneyBest Books Written by Black Women8 Great Books to Celebrate Women's History Month All Year RoundLooking for a Writing Contest to Enter?11 Top Self-Editing Tips for Getting Your Non-Fiction into ShapeFantasy Settings: Top 5 Ideas to Create Your Perfect WorldChristmas Gifts for Writers: 26 Best Ideas Every Writer NeedsOur Favorite Christmas Books13 Mistakes First-Time Romance Authors MakeBest Romance Novels of All Time: Top 60+ Love BooksHow to Write a Romance Novel: The Complete GuideTelling the Story of Yourself: 6 Steps to Writing Personal NarrativesFree Giveaway: The Ultimate Crime Writer's ToolkitFreytag's Pyramid: Definition, Examples, and Usage The 25 Best Fantasy Books & Novels of All Time: Our Top PicksDaily Habits & Writing Routines of 21 Famous AuthorsHow Professional Editors Use the 38 Story Elements to Edit Your NovelThe 27 Poetic Devices You Need to KnowProWritingAid Presents: Crime Writer's WeekCreative Writing Courses: Best Online Classes for Writers10 Editor Red FlagsThe 2022 Debut Dagger Award, Sponsored by ProWritingAid5 Tips for Poetry Writing: How to Get Started Writing PoemsWorldbuilding Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Fictional WorldLogical Fallacies: Definition and ExamplesStream of Consciousness: What Is It & How To UseHow to Write an Inciting Incident for Your NovelWhat’s an Omniscient Narrator? Everything You Need to KnowHow to Write Page-Turning YA Fantasy That Keeps Readers Up At NightMan vs. Man: What Is This Type of Conflict in Literature?What Is Chekhov's Gun? A Complete GuideThe Best Historical Fiction Books of All TimeWriting Advice from Jenna Moreci: The 10 Worst Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemFantasy Characters: 4 Common Traits & Ideas on Creating ThemMan vs. Nature: Handling Conflict in Writing with Examples20 Fantasy Prompts to Kickstart Your Writing (and a Trick for 216 Bonus Ideas)Big Cast: How to Write Stories with Many CharactersDirect Characterization: What It Is and How to Develop It in Your WritingProWritingAid Presents: Self-Editing School with JoEllen NordströmRomanticism Characteristics: What Are They?How to Sell a Screenplay: 5 Documents You Need9 Rules for Writing a Powerful EulogyRomanticism Characteristics: What Are They?Fantasy Writers’ Week HubHow to Find Compelling Story Ideas for Your Romance NovelAsk a Book Doctor: Characterization Q&ANaNoWriMo: The Ultimate Challenge for WritersStory Retelling: How to Write a Retell (with Examples)25 Best Short Stories of All TimeHow to Create a Romance Novel Outline81 Romance Writing Prompts to Kickstart Your Romance NovelHow to Prepare Your Book for a Developmental EditHow to Build a World for Your StoryHow to Build a Successful Author Website in 7 StepsJenna Moreci Answers the Question: Is My Book DoneRomance Writers' WeekHow to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a WriterWriting Inspiration: Ideas and TipsHow to Structure a Book Chapter So Readers Love the Pace of Your NovelHow to Build an Amazing Magic System for Your Fantasy NovelDeep Dive: Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey"What Is Third-Person Point of View and How Can You Use It in Your Writing?Character Development: Easy-to-Follow Tips to Make Readers Love Your CharactersHow to Revise Your Manuscript: 7 Steps to Take Your Writing from Good to GreatEditing vs. Proofreading: What's the Difference?Interview with Historical Romance Author Rachelle Rea CobbBalancing Expectations and Breaking Tropes in Romance WritingHero's Journey 101: How to Use the Hero's Journey to Plot Your StoryHow to Perform a Sentence-Level Copy Edit EffectivelyWhat Is Foreshadowing in Storytelling and How Does It Help the Reader?Our 13 Favorite YouTube Channels for WritersWhat Is Second-Person Point of View (POV) in Writing?Ideal Paragraph LengthFigurative Language: Why and How You Should Use ItFantasy Writers’ WeekThe Top 25 Crime Novels You Should ReadBuilding Great Characters: A Guide for Writers3 Fun Ways to Outline Your NovelHow to Use Micro Journaling to Improve Your ProductivityNovel Outlining: 4 Ways Maps Can Help You Plot Your Story8 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Writing for Your Beta Readers5 Fun Writing Exercises to Help You Craft Amazing CharactersIs Your Writing Causing Headaches? 7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Eye StrainTake Control of Your Editing: Listen to Chris Banks on the Creative Penn PodcastHow Imitation in Writing Can Become the Sincerest Form of OriginalityHow to Navigate the Four Stages of Book Editing: A Professional Editor's GuideHow to Succeed As a Writer: 6 Ways to Bounce Back from FailureHow to Write a Pulse-Pounding Thriller8 Things Fanfiction Teaches Authors and Readers About WritingCreating Crime Characters: How to Craft a Cast that Thrills Your Readers5 Things I Learned When Launching My First BookThe Pros and Cons of Taking Risks in WritingWho? What? Why? Crime Novel Ideas to Spark Your Writing Imagination7 Books by Dyslexic Authors: Find Your Author InspirationHow to Use Dan Harmon's Story Circle to Plot Your Novel7 Ways to Share Your Short StoryMe and My Dyslexia: An Author's Story5 Audiobook Recording Tips for Authors10 Common Editing Mistakes Authors Make (and How to Fix Them)Free Giveaway: The Ultimate Fantasy Writer's ToolkitUnlock the Mystery of Writing a WhodunitWebinar: Market Your Writing Biz on Social Media (Even If You Have a Small Audience)10 Best Books to Improve Your WritingWebinar: Author Website Dos and Don'tsThe Plot Hole Challenge: Find and Fix Them to Immerse Your ReaderWhen Your Screenplay Meets Story DevelopmentHow to Make Fiction Dynamic Using the Writer's CameraHow Agatha Christie, Ian Rankin, and John Grisham Wrote Bestselling Crime FictionOutline Your Memoir Using Fairy Tale and Myth How to Stay Positive on Your Writing Journey5 Valid Reasons to Turn Down Clients as a Freelance WriterIn Defence of the Trope: How to Write Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Tropes Well6 Steps to Hiring a Good EditorInspiring Writers: How Amanda Gorman Took the Nation by Storm10 Common Plot Problems and How to Fix Them in Your Fiction NovelWebinar Replay: "Now What?": Life After NaNoWriMo7 Movies NOT About Writing That Inspire Me to Write Better5 Fantasy Fiction Contests: How to Submit Your Writing and Expand Your AudienceHow 10 Famous Writers Made Ends Meet Before Their Big BreakSelf-Editing Software Versus a Professional Editor: How to Get the Most Out of BothHow to Recover from Critical ReviewsWebinar: Publish Your Book Yourself with Kobo Writing LifeHow (and Why) to Create an Audience Surrogate in Your Fiction WritingBeyond Google: 6 Reliable Resources for Researching Your Novel From Draft to Done: A Full Breakdown of the Writing Process Missed A Session At Fantasy Writer's Week? Find All Event Replays HereHow to Find the Right Proofreader for Your NovelImprove Your Sensory Detail with These Writing and Editing TricksHow to Write from a Child's Point of ViewWebinar Replay: How to Self-Publish With Lulu, a Walkthrough and Q&AThe Art of the Frame StoryThe 8 Elements of a Killer Book Proposal: Sell Your Nonfiction Book Before You Write ItHow to Get a Killer Cover Design for Your Book The "Other" Jobs: 9 Roles Every Freelance Writer Has to FulfillCrime Writer's Week HubIgnite Your Creativity: The Best Music to Listen to While WritingHow to Fictionalize Your Home Town for Your Story SettingLonely? 7 Ways to Stay Sane When Working by YourselfConnect with Readers When You Start "In Medias Res"How to Write a Novel in a Year: Tips from Fantasy Writer Oz Mari G.Stretched to Your Limits? How to Avoid—and Cure—Writing BurnoutHow to Outline Your Novel With Scrivener's Outliner and CorkboardIntroducing: ProWritingAid's New Featured Writer SeriesTop 12 Chick Lit Books of All TimeHandwriting vs. Typing: Which Is Better?Webinar Replay: Fictionary Walkthrough with CEO, Kristina StanleyHow Do Fiction Writers Make Money Today?Outline Your Book Series to Sell More Books and Keep Readers BuyingHow Taylor Swift Uses Rhetorical Devices What Should I Read Next? Check Out the Best Books of All Time in Each GenreWhat’s It Like to Do NaNoWriMo? Here’s One Author's DiaryWhy a Bad Ending Can Ruin a Great Story3 Ways to Improve Your DialogueThe Page Turner Awards 2021: Propel Your Writing CareerWorld Reading Habits in 2020 (Infographic)Webinar Replay: How to Stay Focussed and Finish That Novel With Novlr CEO, Kim MontgomeryHow to Write a Logline: The Complete GuideFinding the Time to Write: Some Tips for Success7 Underappreciated Literary Devices to Liven Up Your FictionFormat Your eBook for Self-Publishing with These User-Friendly ToolsHow to Use the Paramedic Method for Clarity in WritingPremium Day Crime Writer's Week HubCreating an Anti-Hero Like Homer SimpsonWebinar Replay: How to Edit Your Book: An Editing Q&AGeorge R.R. Martin and the Art of the Shocking Twist10 Things to Know Before Editing Your Book, with Jenna MoreciHow to Overcome Writer's Block and Embrace Working from HomeWebinar Replay: How to Revise Your Book Once, the Right Way, with Author, Mary AdkinsThe Most Important ProWritingAid Check for Horror Authors: Emotional TellsThe Best Horror Novels of All Time5 Brands of Horror and How to Use Them EffectivelyGet the Most Out of Your Editor by Preparing Your Manuscript First How to Use Readability ScoresHow to Break Grammar Rules and Connect with Readers What Is Exposition?3 Golden Rules of Stealing for Aspiring WritersPreparing for NaNoWriMo: How to Get Your Head In The GameBook Review: "The Irresistible Novel" by Jeff GerkeThe Drafts Your Novel Needs (and Why You Probably Won't Use a Single Word of Your First Draft!)A Veteran's Guide to Surviving NaNoWriMoGet Gatekeepers’ Attention with Your Script’s First Ten PagesYouTube for Authors: How to Market Your Books on YouTube5 Strategies for Dealing with DistractionsUse NaNoWriMo to Create a Writing Habit that SticksSelfPubCon: Don't Miss This Top Online Conference for Indie AuthorsHow to Self-Edit Your Manuscript Like a ProFree writing advice delivered in your inbox with the ProWritingAid newsletterHow to Use More Vivid VerbsHow Do Writers Come Up with Original Ideas?Famous Planners and Pansters We'll Be Inspired By This NaNoWriMoThe Top 5 Horror Techniques of "Hereditary"How to Write a Query Letter that Editors Can't RefuseHow to Triumph at NaNoWriMo This YearHow to Use Clear Writing to Express Big Concepts and Connect with Readers How to Establish the Perfect NaNoWriMo Writing EnvironmentHow to Pick the Best Self-Publishing Services For Your BookGetting Through the Midpoint of NaNoWriMo"It Must Be Nice:" The Biggest Lie of SuccessDialogue: Its Functions and Form in FictionHow to Win at NaNoWriMo: Stay Productive and Write Your NovelWebinar Replay: Horror Story Essentials: Turn Scattershot Scary Scenes Into Nightmare-Inducing StoriesThe Final Step: Reading Your Manuscript Out LoudHow to Read Like a WriterWebinar Replay: Preparing For NaNoWriMo: A Q&A With the Executive Director, Grant FaulknerHow to Self Publish Your Book and Become a Writer: 5 Steps to Success5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Write Your NovelDo You Need a Synopsis When You Self-Publish?How to Integrate Character Traits to Create Believable CharactersWebinar: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Your Novel With Book Coach, Jennie NashHow to Get Through NaNoWriMo: 8 Tips for BeginnersWebinar Replay: Turn Your Book Marketing Tactics Into Strategy: The 4-Part Framework That Will Actually Grow Your AudienceIndie Publishing on a BudgetWe're Hiring: We Are Looking for Smart, Enthusiastic People to Join the ProWritingAid TeamWebinar: How to Create Clarity in Your Writing With Nick StephensonHow to Write Flash FictionHow to Use Amazon to Make Your Book a Bestseller Without a Publisher10 Tips to Build a Writing Practice Discipline to Finish Your NovelMake Your Voice Heard in Unprecedented Times On September 26How to Write A Bestseller: Advice From An Award Winning AuthorWhodunnit? Keep Your Reader Guessing with Red Herrings, Clues, and EvidenceHow to Publish Your Book Yourself: Four Steps to Your Self-Publishing DreamHow to Build Your Story Idea and Start Writing Your NovelA Complete Guide to Crafting Unique Fantasy and Sci-Fi CulturesHow Writers Use Meditation to Be More Creative and ProductiveJoin Our Friends from Self-Publishing School at Author Advantage Live 2020Webinar Replay: Live Loglines Workshop: Get Personalized Feedback On YOUR LoglineHow to Make Every Word Count: Practicing Word EconomyStop Worrying about Character: Start Focusing on RelationshipsHow to Learn Storytelling from Stand-Up ComediansLGBTQ Books You Should Add to Your Reading ListInfographic: Do Your Grandparents Read More Than You?Garbage Sorting for Writers: From Yucky First Draft to a Manuscript Worth Keeping7 Self-Publishing Traps That Keep New Authors From SuccessHow to Keep Readers Reading with Story TensionIndie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which is Best?Do You Need to Build Your Author Platform Before You Write Your Book?The Rebel Author Podcast: How to Edit Your Own Writing with ProWritingAidWebinar Replay: Thinking Like a Publisher: Insider Secrets for Indie Authors That Will Set You Apart From The Rest With Alexa BigwarfeHow to Self-Edit Your College Essay: 7 Tips to Boost Your GradesAvoiding Deus Ex Machina: How to Create a Satisfying Payoff in Your NovelWhy Writing for Yourself Could Be the Key to SuccessWriting Loglines: How to Hook Readers, Agents, or Editors Every Time5 Tips for Surviving and Thriving as a Writer with Chronic Illness7 Types of Conflict in Literature: How to Use Them (with Examples)Online Writing Event with Bestselling Author Jerry JenkinsWhy Journalling Became So Popular7 Steps to Structure Your Non-Fiction Book: Reach Readers and Make SalesThinking of Publishing? How to Take the First StepWhy Limiting The Time You Spend Writing Makes You a Better WriterWebinar: How to Self-Publish on IngramSpark: A walk-through with IngramSpark Director, Robin CutlerChapter Books and Middle Grade Books: What’s the Difference?Never Face Writing Overwhelm Again with Creative KanbanBeginner Email Marketing Tips for WritersCreate Your Own Holden Caulfield: 5 Tips on Writing Character Like J.D. SalingerThe Roadmap to Novel Writing Success!Pricing Your Self-Published Novel to Generate Book SalesHow to Write Authentic Settings for Your NovelWriting Is the Best (and the Worst): How to Decide Whether or Not to Be a Pro WriterAre You a Plotter or a Pantser? Here’s Why You Should Be a Little of Both!Book Marketing Deep-Dive with Nick Stephenson: How to Go from $0 to $1k a Month in Book Sales Webinar Replay: Playing the Short Game: How to leverage short fiction in your writing careerWebinar: How to Come Up With an Award-Winning Book Idea Writing Fiction? Watch Out for These 10 Common MistakesBuild an Unforgettable WorldBest Fictional & Fantasy Worlds Ever Created: Our Top 10Webinar: How to Navigate the Book Marketing World with Ramzi S. HajjWebinar Replay: The Anatomy of Prose: How to Breathe Life into Your Story with Sacha BlackWebinar: The 5 Essentials of a Scene: How to Make Your Scenes Work and Have Readers Itching to Turn The PageNecessity is the Mother of Invention: The Importance of Creative ConstraintsWhy Your First Idea Is Never Your Best: Developing Amazing Writing IdeasHow to Ground Your Reader with Story SettingGet Agile with Your Writing: Unblock Your Writing Process with Creative Agile10 Dialogue Mistakes to Avoid in Your NovelThinking of Self-Publishing on Amazon? Here's What It Might Cost You6 Ways to Develop Your Authentic Writing Voice7 Ways to Avoid Mistakes When Writing Historical FictionThe Dictation Sensation: A Beginner's Guide to Speech-to-Text WritingWhy You Need to Make Your Office Mobile5 Traits All Great Writers Share: How To Adopt Them In Your Own WritingWho Are You?: Developing Character BackstoryCombine Goals with Systems for Maximum Productivity3 Types of Goal to Help Define Your Writing SuccessThe Ultimate Guide to Writing Critique Partners3 Tips to Spice Up Your Author Email MarketingHow to Revive Your Writing Confidence: 6 Ways to Squash Self-DoubtThe Seven Processes of Publishing7 Legal Issues Writers Should Avoid at All CostsWebinar: Quick! Call the Book Doctor5 Steps to Craft a Great VillainNothing is Sacred: How to Break Writing RulesHow to Lead a Stand-Out Writing WorkshopWhat’s the Right Length for My Book?What's in a Blurb? How to Write the Perfect Book DescriptionThe Power of Storytelling in Any SituationPlay Around: Lose the Pressure and Have Fun as a WriterHow to Shrink Your Manuscript with Darcy PattisonHow to Prep Your Manuscript for an Editor: Tips to Save Time and MoneyWhy You Should Try Epistolary StorytellingThe Secret to Unique, Memorable WritingHow to Start Your Daily Writing Habit TodayEssential Reading List: Young Adult FictionHow to Force the Muse and Eliminate Writer's BlockWebinar: How to Self-Publish with Draft2DigitalGrow Your Book’s Visibility with Reader ReviewsWebinar: Dream to Draft: Go from Idea to First Draft of Your Novel in 90 DaysHow to Polish Your Manuscript: 6 Top Tips from EditorsStop Killing Younglings: How to Avoid the Storytelling Mistakes of the "Star Wars" PrequelsWebinar: How to Beat a Writing Slump: Boosts from Brain ScienceNew Novelist? Plan Your Next WritingWebinar: Memoir-Writing and HealingThe Kind Writer's Guide to Offering Respectful FeedbackAre You a Gamer? The Best of Plotting and Pantsing10 Best Websites To Help You WriteInspiring Podcasts for Writers to Help You Learn and ImproveWebinar: Navigating Your Editing JourneyWebinar: Get Started On Your Story Edit Essential Poetry: What’s the Difference Between Enjambment and Caesura? Spark Inspiration Anytime with a Pocket NotebookVillain vs. Antagonist: How to Use Each in Your BookBeta Readers 101: How to Find and Work with Beta ReadersHow Many Words Should an eBook Be?Webinar: Book Marketing BasicsThe Pros and Cons of Dictation: Does Speech-to-Text Mean Faster Writing?Increase Your Productivity: How to Make Big Goals Manageable5 Ideas for a Fun Book SigningThe 6 Writing Books You Need in Your LibraryHow to Revive an Old Writing ProjectA Professional Editor Reveals the Dos and Don'ts of Writing Your Query LetterYou Don't Need a PhD to Be an Academic EditorHear from Chris Banks on DIYMFA's PodcastTime Saving Tips for New Novelists Webinar: How to Keep Writing When You Feel Overwhelmed or Anxious How to Develop a Good Research Paper OutlineUse Freewriting to Build More Creativity AnytimeCover Designer Deborah Bradseth's Tips for Creating an Enticing Book Cover10 Steps to Writing a Nonfiction BookPlotting Your Novel Down to the SceneWant to Become a Better Writer? Use Active Reading5 Signs You're Writing in the Wrong GenreHow Mind Mapping Can Aid Creativity in Your Writing ProcessA Quick Guide to Developmental Editing, Proofreading, and Copy EditingDialogue Tags: Are They the Enemy?Getting Specific: How to Make Your Writing More ConcreteCatch Lisa Lepki on the Publishing Power PodcastWant to Step Up Reader Engagement with Your Characters? You Need to Read This First.5 Tips for Setting Writing Targets and Recovering from Unmet Goals9 Top Tips for Working with an IllustratorWriting Critique Groups: Everything You Need to Know How to Write a Plot Twist That Is as Good as Gone GirlChris Banks on The Bestseller ExperimentJoin Me at the Women in Publishing SummitHow to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without Breaking Your Heart or Losing Your Mind)Strategically Plan Your Novels for Next YearHow (and Why) to Allude to Other Works in Your Fiction Best Conferences for Writers in 20204 Plot Mistakes You Might Be MakingThe Middle Is the Biggest Part of Your Novel: Keep it LivelyHow to Set and Achieve Your Writing GoalsBehind the Words: Truths about Writing from Successful WritersHow to Write an Enticing Book DescriptionEverything You Need to Know about Working with a Book PublicistA Writer's Guide to Patience3 Crucial Pieces of the Self-Publishing PuzzleHow to Use Backstory in Your NovelHow to Master the Plot Points that MatterHow to Balance Surprise and Suspense in Your NovelHow to Stick to Your Book Writing PlanUsing a Sales Funnel for Your eBooksCrash, Bang! How to Use Onomatopoeia EffectivelyWhy Traditional Novel-Writing Methods Aren't Working for You: An Interview with Intuitive Writing Coach Lauren Sapala6 Methods to Unstick Your StoryA Look at Writers Being UnproductiveHow to Optimize Your Goodreads Author PageWays to Improve Your Focus as a WriterWhy Every Heroine Does Not Need a Love InterestWhat You Can Learn From Nabokov's Favorite Word is MauveHow to Support Your Local Bookstore This Holiday SeasonWriting Tips from the World's Best AuthorsTop 10 Time Travel BooksWhat Writing Advice Do I Really Need?How to Beat the Blank Page5 Reasons to Write a Short Story CollectionHow to Choose the Right Writing Event A Writing Space: How to Find Your Optimal Writing EnvironmentWhat is Line Editing and Why Do You Need It?How to Write a Children's BookHow to Master "Show, Don't Tell"ProWritingAid is Supporting the International Literacy Association for Black Friday this YearRed Herrings: Mystery Clues that Aren’t CluesWhy You Should Write and Produce Audiobooks ProfessionallyNora Roberts' Formula for The Perfect Romantic ReadPlot Versus StoryBuild a Better OutlineAfternoon Showers: How to Use Weather in FictionMining the Mind of Your CharacterMeet Your Daily Writing Goals with Word SprintsFantastic Feedback and Where to Find It5 Questions to Create a Compelling ProtagonistHow to Create a Monster for Your Fantasy NovelHow to Write a Killer Book ProposalTwo Words to Ignite Your CreativityIn Defense of Stand-Alone Novels4 Important Ways to Get Ready for NaNoWriMoHow to Be Your Own Publicist8 Social Media Tips for AuthorsThe Smart Way to Spend Your Shoestring BudgetBuilding a World Within a World: Worldbuilding and Historical FictionThe Eagle Problem: Why Authors Must Be Careful with MagicEverything You Need to Know About World-BuildingPunch Up Your Narrative Arc and Character DevelopmentWhat's After NaNoWriMo?25 Books with Big IdeasHow the Technique of Over-Writing can Benefit Beginning and Blocked WritersFeatured ProWritingAid User: Nicole ScaranoHow to Build Worlds like J.R.R. TolkienThe Best Sci-Fi Books of All TimeHow Writers Can Use Meditation to Improve Their CraftTips for Protecting Your Written ContentUsing Music to Mine Your EmotionsWhat is Your Novel’s Soundtrack?How to Manipulate Time in Your StoryLiterary Agent Mark Gottlieb on the Etiquette of the Editorial ProcessHow to Tell If You’re Transitioning ProperlyA Complete Guide to Writing Incredible Novel OpeningsEdit with Empathy for Your Reader How to Foreshadow like Alfred HitchcockThe Nitty Gritty Practical Guide to Giving your Characters Unique Voice4 Ways to Make Your Notebook an Essential Part of Your Writing ProcessStarting Your Novel at the MidpointAvoiding Writing? Make Procrastination Work for YouChoosing the Type of Memoir to WriteAntithesis: How to Use It In Your WritingWhen Writing Becomes Deeply PersonalThe Write-Publish-Profit SuperStack is back.The 25 Best Memoirs Ever WrittenHow to Create New Species for Your Fantasy NovelSteven Pinker's 13 Tips for Better WritingHow to Create Famous (and Infamous) Characters in FictionAnnouncing the Indie Publishing Boot Camp!All You Need to Know About AnaphoraWill AI Replace Your Writing Job?Why Writers Should Let Their Minds Wander During Idea GenerationThe Best Biographies Ever WrittenHow to Recognize Pseudo-Science in ReferencesWriting Tips: How to Use Irony like William ShakespeareWhy Narrative Satisfaction Matters: Lessons from Game of ThronesOmnipotent Characters: Why Marvel Sidelined Thor, Vision, and Captain Marvel5 Fast Ways to Improve Your Writer's WebsiteRetconning: Why J.K. Rowling Is Making Me FuriousAgent Advice Part 2: Line-Editing and Copy-EditingThe Dos and Don'ts of Co-Writing a NovelCrafting a Fictional Universe: Learning from Marvel StudiosAgent Advice Part 1: Developmental EditingHow to Crowdfund a NovelMake Readers Fall In Love with Characters, Not PlotsCalling All Newbies: The Dialogue Tags CheckHow to Write When You’re Fresh Out of IdeasSimiles: the Good, the Bad & the UglyIs it Time to Get a Day Job to Support Your Writing?What Is and How to Use ItBest Classic Stories RetoldTypes of Writing Contracts and How to Approach ThemSurprising Reading Habits of MillennialsHow to Create Fantastic MetaphorsHow to Create God Characters for Your Fantasy World5 Tips My College Screenwriting Professors Taught Me About Writing Dialogue5 Tricks for Using Dialogue to Write Truly Captivating CharactersBest Books about Writing FictionHow to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 30 DaysSeries Arc: The Art of Telling Stories Over Multiple VolumesHow to Create Mood like Edgar Allan PoeHow to Write an Allegory like George OrwellDo You Know the Most Important Role of Your Supporting Characters?How to Make Your Writing Stand Out on the Crowded InternetCan You Still Be a Good Writer if You Never Read?What is a Cliché? And Why Should You Avoid Them?Kill the Thought Verbs! Get Readers Involved Are You Using Semi-Colons Correctly?Should You Write to Market?The Worst Book-to-Screen AdaptationsHow Kid Reviewers Review BooksHow to Do Anthropomorphism like Brian JacquesHow to Craft an Engaging Arc for Your StoryHow to Use Satire like Mark TwainHow to Work with an EditorHow to Go from First Draft to Published Author (free eBook!) 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And How Do You Choose the Best POV for Your Story?Planning Your Writing for 2016Why You Should Start Writing Morally Grey CharactersThe Debate: How Prolific Should You Be in 2016?How to Finally Finish Your NovelWhy Finding a Good Beta Reader Can Make You a Better Writer.Fantasy Writers' Week Premium Hub: Presented by ProWritingAidAn Epic List of Online Writing Courses[DELETE] Literary Graffiti
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