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How to Use Alliteration to Improve Your WritingThe Internet's Best List of ClichésLet’s Get PossessiveThe Difference Between Opossum vs. Possum Is Not Just One LetterLed vs. Lead: What's the Difference?How to Use Subordinating ConjunctionsUsing Learnt vs. Learned Correctly: The Ultimate Guide (Including Examples)E with an Accent: Learn How to Type É and Use It Correctly in Your WritingCommonly Confused Words: How to Tell the Difference Between Principle & PrincipalLooking for Another Word for "In Conclusion"? 50 "In Conclusion" Synonyms for Essay WritingAmong vs. Amongst: How Should You Use Them in Your Writing?When Should I Use "Me" and When Should I Use "I"? Hyperbole Examples for Writers: Types and Techniques to Spice Up Your WritingJuxtaposition: Definition and ExamplesWhoever vs. Whomever: How to Use Them Correctly (+ Tricks for Remembering!)Looking for Another Word for Furthermore? 30+ Furthermore Synonyms to Use in Your WritingUnderstand the Past Tense of "Read" and How to Use It in Your WritingWhen to Use Commas After "Thank You" in Your WritingLooking for Another Word for Emphasize? 30+ Emphasize SynonymsImperative Sentences: What They Are, How to Use Them, and ExamplesSupper vs Dinner: How and Where You Use Them (Examples Included!)Why Passive Voice Isn't Helping Your Writing: Tips, Examples, and SolutionsDo You Need to Use a Comma Before or After "However" in Your Writing? Do You Need a Comma Before "such as"?Capital vs. Capitol: Definition & ExamplesCanceled vs. Cancelled: Which Should You Use in Your Writing?Payed vs Paid: Which is the correct one to use and when? Inter vs Intra: How to Use Each Prefix CorrectlyHow to Spell 14 of the Hardest Words in the English LanguageLearn the Meaning of OFCLearn the Rules of Plural NounsAffective vs Effective: What's the Difference?Which Is Correct: Everyday or Every Day?Common Nouns: Meaning and ExamplesMaking Words Possessive Using the Apostrophe "S" RuleFormer vs Latter—What Is The Difference And When Do You Use Them?Who vs. Whom: The Ultimate Guide to Getting It RightGender Neutral Pronoun Consistency—Is This Still a Thing?Then vs. Than: How To Use Each Correctly100+ Adjectives Starting With AList of 260 Positive Adjectives to Use in Your DescriptionsEn Dash: What It Is and How to Use ItAffect vs. Effect: Which One Is Correct?i.e. vs. e.g.⁠—What's the Difference?Em Dash vs En Dash: Get Them RightNegative Adjectives: Over 800 Examples You Can UseEm Dash: What It Is and How to Use ItDashes vs Hyphens: Explanation and ExamplesBritish English Versus U.S. English: What You Need to Know14 Grammar Tips to Make Your Writing Sound SmartMr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss: How to Use Titles Correctly (Every Time)To ‘to’ or not to ’too’: that is the question!Should I Use "Which" or "That"?The Perfect Grammar Cheat Sheet [infographic]3 Awful Oxford Comma BloopersEverything You Need to Know About AntecedentsEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Punctuating Dialogue7 Grammar Rules Your Editor Wants You to KnowHow Passive Voice Turns People Into CriminalsWhat Are Capitonyms and How Do I Use Them?Advisor vs Adviser: Which Spelling Is Correct?Dashes vs Hyphens: Explanations and ExamplesWhich vs That: How to Choose Which One to Use in Your WritingStarting a Sentence with “And” or “But” – Should You Do It? Your Ultimate Guide to the Past Perfect and Past Continuous TensesStructuring Effective ParagraphsHow to Use Caricature in Writing: Definition, Use, ExamplesEmpathy vs Sympathy: Which One Are You Feeling?Emigrate vs Immigrate: How Can I Tell the Difference?The Longest Word in English and Other Fun Word FactsA Complete Guide to SatireCompliment vs Complement: Which One Should I Use?Improve Your English Grammar With These SitesWhat Are Idioms and How Do I Use Them?The Best Places to Find Free Grammar Help OnlineChallenge Winner: a case for lowercaseWhich Grammar Rules Do You Follow? And When Is It Okay to Break Them?What is the Best Salutation for an Email?What’s Better: Yours Sincerely or Yours Faithfully?Do You Italicize Book Titles?Are Your Adjectives Powerful?Interjections: When to Use ThemAre You Using Apostrophes Correctly?Take the Homonym/Homophone Challenge!Dissecting the Trickiest Plurals in EnglishWhat are Phonemes, Graphemes, and Digraphs?When You Actually Should Use Passive VoiceWhat Is Irony and Why Do so Many People Get It Wrong?What is Passive Voice and How Do I Make It Active?What Are the Different Types of Verbs?30 Words You Are Probably Getting Wrong!Peek Over the Peak with Piqued InterestChanging Passive Voice to Active VoiceHow to Write Dialogue in a Narrative ParagraphDo You Know the Key Differences Between UK and US English?Understanding the ApostropheWhat is an Ellipsis and When Should You Use One?How Do You Find and Get Rid of Redundant Adverbs?What Is Parallelism and Why Is It Important?What are Compound Words?Write Without AdverbsIt vs. They: Corporate ShowdownAvoiding He Said & She SaidUsing Anastrophe and HyperbatonAbbreviations: How & When to Use Them3 Surprising Grammatical ContradictionsIs This the Right Way to Use a Semicolon? And Other Punctuational ConcernsIs it “Mambo No. 5” or “Mambo No. Five”?Apostrophes: Everything You Need to KnowWhy be Perpendicular When You Can be Parallel?Exclamation Point: Use It or Not?Does It Sound Right?In Defense of Passive Voice3 Commonly Misused Words (And How to Use Them Correctly)Know The Difference Between That and Which7 Grammar Rules the Best Writers BreakSentence LengthMe or I: Setting the Record StraightThe Apostrophe: When to Use It and When to Avoid ItWhich Should You Use: Home or Hone?Commonly Misspelled WordsTheir, There, They’reRepeating Yourself is Redundant: or, A Pleonasm For Your Thoughts?Know Your Acronyms ProWritingAid's Top 100 Spelling CorrectionsTo vs. Too vs. TwoUsing Adverbs: An Easy GuideDoes Your Writing Need a Paramedic?When it’s Right to be WrongIt’s vs. Its: Let’s Get It StraightGrammar Rules: Passed vs. PastEnsure and Insure: Aren’t They Interchangeable?Do I Use Lay or Lie? Let's Get it StraightGrammar Rules You Should IgnoreKnow Your Tenses: Past ProgressiveWhat the Heck are Auto-Antonyms? And Why Should You Worry About Them?Licence vs. License: Which One is Right?Wrestling Run-On Sentences Into ShapeHyphenation: When Nouns Become AdjectivesShould Dialogue Stand Alone?Cut “That” Out—SeriouslyDo Your Subjects & Verbs Always Agree?When to Underline & When to Use ItalicsHow to Punctuate and Format Inner DialogueHyphen, En Dash & Em Dash: Do You Know the Difference?Future Perfect? Past Continuous? What are All the Verb Tenses?What are Word Classes?Infographic: What are Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms?When Do I Need to Hyphenate?What is a Subordinate ClauseWhere Does Punctuation Go in Dialogue?Why We Love the Oxford Comma What are simple, compound, and complex sentences?5 Ways to Develop an “Ear” for English GrammarWhat’s Wrong with an “ly” Adverb After a Dialogue Tag?Past…Present…What are Participles?What Are Infinitives? And Can We Split Them or Not?What are the Different Verb Tenses?What is a Clause Anyway?Why You Need Great Transitions in Your WritingWhat are Dangling Modifiers and Why You Shouldn’t Let Them DangleWhat Are Homophones and Why You Should Care
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