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Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online education resource. She is passionate about writing and innovations in the digital world.

How to Juggle Styles and Write for Different Audiences

by Kelly Smith Dec 12, 2016

How to Juggle Styles and Write for Different Audiences

Writing for a living can often mean that you have to take jobs outside of your natural writing style. While in-depth reports on current affairs might be your forte, you could feel stumped if you find yourself writing for a ‘click-bait’ style site that wants you to focus on pop culture. If you’re used to writing conversational-type pieces, creating an instructional eBook may feel a bit awkward for you. While each writer has a preferred style and a voice, you need to be able to code-switch to meet the needs of your audience.

Before you begin writing, you need to know who you’re going to be writing for. Do a bit of demographic research, and identify a goal. Are you trying to inform stay-at-home moms? Are you trying to sell something to young-adult men? Defining your target audience and a goal or intent will help you decide on the voice that you need to tap into to address them appropriately.

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