ProWritingAid and Fictionary, the editing bundle you do not want to miss.

Fictionary and ProWritingAid, the essential editing bundle


  1. ProWritingAid and Fictionary - Two powerful editing tools that work beautifully together for just $99 (a $250 value).
  2. Fictionary: The Story Editing Tool for Fiction

ProWritingAid and Fictionary - Two powerful editing tools that work beautifully together for just $99 (a $250 value).

  • Fictionary makes developmental editing a breeze.
  • ProWritingAid ensures your writing is clear and polished.

Until September 22nd, get annual subscriptions to both Fictionary ($200) and ProWritingAid Premium ($50) for just $99.

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Fictionary: The Story Editing Tool for Fiction

Developed by best-selling author and editor, Kristina Stanley, Fictionary helps writers tell better stories with online software that simplifies and automates story editing.

Story editing is an in-depth manuscript evaluation that improves the structure, characters, plot, and settings of your story. A must-do step when you’re revising your manuscript.

How it works

Fictionary analyzes your entire manuscript and creates powerful visuals such as the Story Arc and your Cast of Characters. 11 additional reports help you visualize your story like never before.

Fictionary then guides writers through a scene-by-scene evaluation of their manuscript against 38 story elements and provides insightful rewrite tips for improving your story exactly when you need it.

Beautiful together

Fictionary works seamlessly with the ProWritingAid Chrome extension. That’s right, you can use Fictionary and ProWritingAid at the same time! Learn more about how these two essential editing tools work together in our article: Two Powerful Editing Tools.

Story editing is complex and time consuming. Fictionary makes it easier and faster to turn your first draft into a story readers love.

Be your own editor, tell better stories.


ProWritingAid Premium: All of ProWritingAid's editing power; no limitations.

Since you're here on our blog, you probably already know and love the ProWritingAid editing tool, but we just thought we would take a moment to remind you about the extra perks you get when you go premium:

1) No word count

If you don't write that often, you will probably get along just fine with our free version and its 500-word limit. If, however, you want to analyze full chapters, articles, reports or essays and get a wider overview of your work, then ProWritingAid Premium is for you.

2) Integrations

Premium users have access to the ProWritingAid Desktop App (perfect for Scrivener and Mac users), as well as our add-ins for MS Word, Google Docs and Chrome.

3) Full Word Explorer functionality

Our Word Explorer has fast become one of our most popular and most-used features. Premium users get a more in-depth exploration of their vocabulary, sparking creativity and more dynamic word choice.

Still unsure? Take a free trial of any of our integrations here.

Click here to get the Fictionary and ProWritingAid bundle until September 22nd!

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