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Getting Started with ProWritingAid’s Google Docs Add-on.

Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog
Published Dec 07, 2017

It’s easy to get the Google Docs add-on set up on your computer. You just need to make sure that your ProWritngAid Premium license is associated with a Google email address (,, etc.)

  1. Install the Add-on
  2. Run a Summary Report
  3. Run Individual Reports

Install the Add-on

Click here to set up the ProWritingAid Google Docs add-on.

You will be taken to the Google Store, which looks like this:

Click "Install".

Then, go back into Google Docs and open a document. If you click on “Add-ons” in the main menu, you should see ProWritingAid listed there.

Run a Summary Report

We recommend running a Summary Report next:

The summary report shows your document statistics and an overview of the results from all of the other reports. It also includes the key actions you should take that will make the most difference to your document.

Run Individual Reports

Scroll down and see how you fare in all the different categories. When you find an area that you want to concentrate on, run that report for an in-depth look at that area.

Check your email address

Make sure that the email address on your ProWritingAid account is the same email address that you are using in Google Docs. If not, you will need to change the email address associated with your ProWritingAid account.

You can change the email address associated with your account at any time on

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Follow the "Edit my user details" link.
  • Change your email address and hit "Save".
  • Check your email for a link to confirm your new email address.

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Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog

Lisa Lepki is ProWritingAid's Head of Marketing and the Editor of the ProWritingAid blog. A word nerd, she loves the technical elements of writing almost as much as the writing itself. She is the co-author of The Novel-Writing Training Plan, Creating Legends: How to craft characters readers adore... or despise!, How to Build Your Author Platform on a Shoestring and 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers.

That's irritating to have to associate my PWA account with a gmail address. I specifically don't wish to do this. How can I access the premium version in Google docs without being forced to use a gmail address in my PWA account? Thanks
By rscanlon on 25 July 2019, 04:08 AM
The Google Docs add-on uses your email address to link your premium version. Unfortunately, this is the only way to link to your premium account.
By writersneed2 on 25 July 2019, 11:02 AM
I got a server error, try again later message. After which I got, TypeError: Cannot find function editAsText in object UnsupportedElement. What do I do?
By azrael.zheng on 15 August 2019, 02:48 PM

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