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Want to be a beta tester for ProWritingAid’s new online editor?

The ProWritingAid Team

The ProWritingAid Team

ProWritingAid: A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

Published Oct 14, 2016

Become a beta tester for ProWritingAid

So you want to be a beta tester for ProWritingAid’s new online editor?

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We have been working away on this new tool for months now and we are excited to share it with you.

Please put it through the wringer. We want to know every glitch you encounter, every link that doesn’t work, every error message you receive.

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The ProWritingAid Team

The ProWritingAid Team

ProWritingAid: A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

The most successful people in the world have coaches. Whatever your level of writing, ProWritingAid will help you achieve new heights. Exceptional writing depends on much more than just correct grammar. You need an editing tool that also highlights style issues and compares your writing to the best writers in your genre. ProWritingAid helps you find the best way to express your ideas.

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I am unable to paste a selection I have copied from Scribners or load a file.
I spent the day using the beta version to edit a novela. I had no real problems until I needed to send the corrected file back to Word. It worked the first couple of times, but then I got errors that prevented loading to word. I finally used the Firefox browser to select & then save the edited contents. I also was unable to clear the saved file, so I could load another. I had to go to this page & reload the edit page. Not a bad first cut. I'm going to continue to use it.
1) Sticky sentences are very difficult to correct. The old purple/yellow system was more responsive and clear. 2) Inserting the cursor when wishing to change a word or sentence can be difficult. Often several attempts are needed. 3) Errors that are corrected often returned. 4) A lot of work needs to be done the match the ease of use of the current system. 5) Not all features of the current system appear to be present in the beta version. 6) I prefer the current version. It might not look pretty, but it works better.
Agree about the cursor
I would like to be a beta user but was unable to upload my sample to your page. I have a Mac.
I use a Mac and write with Ulysses but have to copy paste into Prowriting aid. The only issue is the cursor can be be unstable moving to away from I want to delete
I have the current ProWriting Aid and would love to test the new one but am unable to download since I have the current. I can hold off until the new version becomes available, it isn't a problem. What I haven't seen during my reading is a time frame for the availability. Has there been a time frame on this new release as of yet? Thanks!
Just started to use the new beta version - I think the summary part is excellent, quick and easy to use. Can't wait till this comes to the desktop. Excellent. Kevin
Agree completely once the cursor issue is sorted
I like the new format!. Easy to use, and it seems much quicker. All of the functions/reports work well. I've found that the 1-word and 2-word phrase use report does not help a great deal, but its OK. The new Thesaurus is excellent. And it appears that you've removed the check on Prepositions at the end of a sentence which is excellent. All in all, good job!
1. Same problem as the older revision, difficult to make changes to the source document. If cut and paste the font is different and outline is different. 2. Hard to locate the change in the original document. Perhaps line numbers would help 3.'Writing Style - add fiction, non-fiction and historical or another term instead of general 4. What happen to the editing for Strong Writing, Pacing, Dialogue, Summary Report and Compare to Fiction?
The box that appears needs to disappear once I've fixed the issue. Maybe a "Got It" option   so it will get out of the way. You email address is not recognized ggrrr.
I noticed unfamiliar names come up as a spelling error. Is there a way to add like a dictionary to take the error off?
The spelling also took several words as spelling errors and put them together without a space but on the page it shows a space with the words correct. #Chapter One Santorini, Greece Wednesday, June 5, 1878 The ship's horn blared. Kaitlynn cringed. “Please God make it stop. Oh, my head.” The high-pitched noise pierced her ears and pounded in between her temples, like the rocks bashed by waves. The waves. When would she learn to stop looking down at the water, close to the ship’s side? Eyes tight, perched on the edge of the bench, she tucked her head into her lap and pressed her fingertips hard against her ears. The full strength of the afternoon sun scorched the back of her neck. Her dress weighed five pounds more placed on her frail frame for the second day in a row. The once cool satin, sticky and damp in the heat, hung heavy, every last drop of perspiration beaded from her body. She longed for a cool rag to place on her forehead and fresh sheets to lie on. “I want to go back to Paris. I don’t belong here.” Determined not to fall off the bench, she steadied her body knees bent, feet planted apart and braced for the next movement. The ship rocked. Her shoulders tensed, and knees wobbled. Overwhelmed with nausea, she dropped her belongings, lifted her skirt and sprinted toward the railing in time. Filled with despair she hurried back, grasped her bag and reached for her pink ruffled parasol. A woman holding a baby claimed her empty seat. Passengers form a line near the exit ramp used near the middle of the ship. The congested area deepened her desire to turn the opposite direction toward the stern. Away from the crowd she hustled, dodging a travel trunk on the shoulder of a young dock hand, who twirled, as she slid, waving her arms to catch her balance. Off to the right an empty seat caught her attention. She sashayed toward the coveted spot. Relief engulfed her. She sat her bag down, leaned her back against the railing, and squeezed her eyes shut. A repeating thud echoed behind her. She peeked through her fingers, intrigued by an older woman in high fashion clothes. Silver curls bordered a green hat with a white flower blooming from its top and springing over its brim. Kaitlynn wanted to compose herself by sitting up straight, but instead leaned forward, holding her stomach and head. The woman took a step followed by the motion of her right hand, raising her cane and plunged the long wooden handle forward again pounding the deck. The flower drooped toward her face. She batted her lashes, looked both directions, and hobbled toward Kaitlynn. ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� elling 29 issues found - Santorini (1) - Wednesday,June (1) - Kaitlynncringed (1) - piercedher (1) - theship (1) - headinto (1) - afternoonsun (1) - onher (1) - anddamp (1) - herbody (1) - tolie (1) - thebench (1) - thenext (1) - andsprinted (1) - hurriedback (1) - holdinga (1) - usednear (1) - theopposite (1) - hustled,dodging (1) - asshe (1) - seatcaught (1) - engulfedher (1) - squeezedher (1) - fashionclothes (1) - fromits (1) - bysitting (1) - bythe (1) - woodenhandle (1) - Shebatted (1)
Love the improvements especially the thesaurus. Much more user-friendly.
Oh I love this Beta Test!! I love the layout and the ease of use. I find it easier to use than the original. In fact, I might use it more than the original. Thank you!!
I'll use this beta test a lot this month. I'll be sure to send you more information after using it through NANOMO. Amanda
OH YES!! Just tonight, I'm just using the in-program thesaurus, which auto populates under a misused word. This is saving me hours of work!! So.... 1. Ease of use... 10 out of 10! 2. In-program thesaurus - 10 out of 10 3. Ease of understanding, compared to original (which is a little clunky) -- 10 out of 10!! I plan to use the Beta version instead of original version for a while. Amanda
Why Your Logo Really IS Important… A logo is to a business as your face is to you. It is how you are recognized. It reflects your personality, or in case of your business, your values and principles. It is also the most powerful marketing tool known. Logo design establishes your identity. It is very hard to establish yourself in the marketing world without a logo. In layman’s terms, a logo is like a mental shortcut to a product or company. Just how often do you recognize a car from its make, rather than the ever present logo on the bumper or in front? By ads The power of the logo lies in its visual nature. Studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster than text. In today’s world of multimedia, this rings more true than ever. Having just any logo, however, is not enough to create a brand identity for you. A badly thought up logo can very easily destroy the image of your company. On the other hand, a carefully designed logo can reach the buying public and communicate to them the worth of your company or product. Therefore, everything depends on the design of your logo. Your logo creates your image In the corporate world, “Image” is everything. A marketing company may like their Logo to be bold, so as to reflect aggressiveness, which is often what a client wants in such companies. On the other hand, an Insurance company’s logo would in all probably reflect solidity and dependability, and use that to draw in customers. However, the market is flooded with Logos, from the corner of a newspaper to the moving scroll bar at the bottom of your television screen. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, for a logo to have a meaning, to present something specific and unique to the subconscious mind of the consumer, to set it apart from the rest of the competition. Your logo solidifies consumer loyalty. The work of a Logo goes on even after your Identity and Image has been established. Part of a logo’s effectiveness comes from repetition. As it is known in the business community, familiarity is The key to growing your business. In corporate world, it’s called consumer loyalty or brand loyalty. Once your logo has established consumer loyalty, your next step will be see it repeated as often as possible. Each time your company or any product or service of your company, is mentioned anywhere, your logo should accompany it. Soon, even a glimpse of a part of that logo will be sufficient for your client to relate to your company. Your logo is your most powerful marketing tool With careful marketing, a Logo can become the main reason for sale of a company’s product. For instance, the brand Nike has a tremendous loyalty. It has become a status symbol of sorts, cashing on the image “the best money can buy”. Nike’s marketing strategy has been to associate popular and successful sport persons with the brand, establishing the company as makers of top quality professional sports gear. Your logo establishes ownership A logo is like a signature. It proves your legal ownership and is a legal safe guard against fakes and forgeries. Cheap forgeries of branded product are flooding the markets in the third world countries. For instance, you can get a cheap sneaker with a logo somewhat similar to Nike’s logo, which can boost the sale of that fake. However, is a company reproduces your logo to the tee, you can sue the company is consumer court. So invest the time in developing a GREAT logo… and look after it – you (and your business) will reap the rewards!
Abstract: This research is an insight to listen the most important of the four skills for being in English language learning and strongest in education, were more interested in listening to the effect on learning pronunciation and accent and track knowledge. So we must teach listening and attention to his presence in the curriculum specifically for the primary school to form an effective base to learn the language. We will show that the guidance on testing students High School in Riyadh through the acoustic devices for each student program and in many children's stories this program, children's songs, and much of the conversation sounds. Also to meet with a teachers English to decide on the focus actually extent listen into the curriculum for students and we knew deficiencies in it, and find out their attitude of listening in learn. Also, work on the school awareness of the importance Listen in Language acquisition. Introduction: The main stage of learning English It is the elementary school. So It must prepare well that the student gets a powerful database to learn English and be a good speaker and a strong listener. Proved a lot of Studies and Research the role of listening in learning and the tool powerful and effective language acquisition, however, we find textbooks do not contain listening as a skill to learn the language, maybe the role of listening is providing in education recently somewhat according to (Oxford 1993). Listening process mentality complex bio relies on linguistic inventory in the mind of the listener. The other side of the links between them and what he hears. And a process that works in system directly and fast between the speaker and the listener so the difficult skill in education considered in education. Measure the degree of use the listener hearing process, one or more process will depend on their knowledge of the language and familiarity with the subject or purpose of the hearing. Considered the strongest skill of listening in the four skills to learn the language, reading, writing, speaking and listening. When mastering listening in learning and knowledge. And linking linguistic with context. The student will be closer to a good speaker and with the practice of listening it was the grammar indirectly away acquire From the traditional method of the safest form and proper the conservation. Contrary to what happens in the textbook. Literature review: (Mendelsohn, 1998), notes the gap in existence between the interests of researchers between the interests of researchers and practitioners in the classroom to use the listen for the development of knowledge and recognition by raising awareness of learners operations listening. (Richards, 1990), the distinction between interactive and purpose of transactions for use socially oriented language, an interactive context very two-way, which involves interaction with the language. Use of the language of the transactions more usable to deliver an information-oriented message. According to (Vandergrift, 2007), You can develop an awareness of the hearing process and help students to learn beyond the difficult knowledge to succeed in listening comprehension. The educational sequence to develop listening skills in two directions largely used by the other speaker in the interaction. However, Morley (1972: 7) notes: “perhaps an assumption that listening is a reflex, a little like breathing - listening seldom receives overt teaching attention in one native language – has marked the importance and complexity of listening with understanding in a nonnative language”. Significance of research: This research signifies, especially for primary school teachers bring light to the listening important and the private influence on the language acquisition development as a foreign language and discover the best way to give the activities and processes audio in the curriculum. To become the practice of listening to the classroom essential thing. Research question: In this paper to explore the answers to these questions: What is the benefit the attention on the skill, listening since the start of the study English in acquiring English as a foreign language in Riyadh Schools? Research methodology: In this examination used the accompanying instruments: For Students: Visit the primary School in Al-Riyadh and choice 15 students to take the test for theirs. The first step makes a questionnaire for determining their level of language and know what would students prefer to hear in English and they can understand. Then we choose the educational program with the English Language teachers on smart device for students was the program focuses on the use of listening in educational technology and contain many of the children's stories, children's songs, and voice dialogue. Students for a week must use the program daily (as a prerequisite for participating in this test). After that, the work of another questionnaire to measure language development students after the educational experience. And learn, easy or difficult experience for them. For Teachers: Interviews with English teachers in primary schools. To see how much focus on the skill of listening to the learning English language. And discover ways and solutions to make the listening part of the textbook. And talk about techniques to use the hearing as a key reason for getting the target language. Observation: The interviews with official teachers were conducted the students who have the experience of the students to become more familiar with the level of students before and after the educational experience? Ethical consideration: Taking permission from the elementary school for the preparation of a sample of students of this research . And the approval of the parents of students in their children participates in the examination and questionnaire. And get the approval of the oral teachers in an educational experience with us and conduct interviews with them. Limitation of research: The strongest difficulty that we faced in this research our inability to practice listening directly and collectively with the students in the educational experience. Did not have time to check the most exact benefits of listening. Expected result: Current use of listening to learn the target language in the school curriculum is relatively recent. So modern research focused on the study of the effectiveness of this technology in education and the search for ways to use it. And Nena In this research, we have dedicated search for the primary school to prepare the students to control technology listen in learning English since the beginning of learning the language. When making the first a questionnaire was intended to decide the level Linguistic to a student who a queried from traditional education to focus on reading, writing and little listening. Then compared with the results of educational programs, which focused on learning the language and the rules of the listening experience. We have found that the student tendencies at the primary level to hear the children's songs more than listen to children's stories and voice dialogue. In the second phase of the experience, we get positive results from the use of listening in educational technology, there was an Improved language slightly, But most of the students had trouble to understand the content listener him. Forcing them re-listen to multiple times to understand the content. When we did the interviews with teachers agreed the greatest the listening effective tool in language acquisition and improvement of speech, but there are many difficulties in order will the part of the textbook, perhaps because listening depends on prior knowledge of the language for each student and this level of knowledge is not equal for each student. Unfortunately, this study proved that listening has no enough in the classroom in the schools of the city Al-Riyadh and there are many difficulties for adoption as an integral part of the curriculum, perhaps because the use of listening in education needs to prepare the prior knowledge of the student language is the process of simultaneous between Magical and explains the head of the student and the explanation audio content and vocabulary words that already exist in the mind of the student. According to research in cognitive psychology, which was interpreted to listen more than to extract meaning from the word featured. It is the process of matching words with listeners already know about it. Therefore, when the audience knows the context of the text or speech, which facilitates the process to a large extent because the listeners can activate prior knowledge and make appropriate inferences necessary to understand the message. Therefore, the teachers should help students organize their thoughts, and help them to build a complex vocabulary in their minds to activate the appropriate knowledge saved previously to understand and make predictions, to prepare for the hearing. This greatly reduces the difficulty of understanding for the listener.
I can’t use it at all. I pasted my text, but the commands don’t react. The whole bar is pale and idle.
I found the sentence structure analysis an interesting feature. I'm still getting used to the older version, so I'm not able to make a good comparison at this point

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